Heroes of the Storm

Grubby streamed the most unlikely Heroes come back ever



When your team is four levels down, four of your allies are dead, the enemy is at your core with Web Weavers pushing and you haven't destroyed a single structure, it's easy to give up. Things looked grim for Grubby's team and it seemed as if everyone accepted defeated, chatting in-game about what went wrong and how their poor draft was to blame.

But, as is always the case with a miraculous comeback-- the enemy got greedy:

Even the most positive of players would have been hard pressed to imagine this comeback, but sure enough, Grubby's team gained a sliver of hope. With 8 percent health on the core and each enemy structure still intact, it would be a hard climb to victory.

However, this climb gets much easier once the underdogs decided to take the Boss camp while simultaneously turning in their own Web Weavers. The resulting push to the core... well it speaks for itself.

You can watch the full game on Grubby's past broadcast here. Take this as a reminder to never give up when playing Heroes of the Storm, even if it looks absolutely impossible!


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