In-depth MXM Master Guide to Kromede, a specialist in AoE Skills

Kromede is an Ardent Marksman who uses a long-ranged bow as her weapon. Her auto attacks are simple linear shots with a narrow hitbox, but the arrow will scatter in a fan-shape when she kills an enemy.

Kromede has many AoE skills and penetration skills she can use to attack multiple enemies simultaneously. However, she is relatively weak in 1vs1 situations.

Like Poharan, her damage is decreased by 30% against enemies within 5m of range. Kromede can block her enemies’ movements or knock them back, so it is not hard to keep distance from them.


▲ Kromede is weak in one-on-one fights, but strong against multiple enemies.


▣ Recommended Master Setting

◆ Weapon/Augment

Kromede’s skills are especially powerful in fighting against multiple enemies. Choose Range to make her auto attacks more effective.

◆ Skill Combination

The above skills are specialized in devastating enemies from a distance. Use Quick Draw and Blot Out the Sun to attack multiple enemies from a safe distance.

The above skills will allow her to play more safely. Aetherpike Shards will bind enemies, and Blot Out the Sun will clear the area.

◆ Nodes

2 Offensive, 2 Defensive, and 2 Auxiliary Nodes. Kromede will not get hit by enemy Masters a lot since her attacks are long range. Choose Weapon Damage, Critical Hit Chance, and Def. Penetration to upgrade her offensive abilities.

◆ Spell

Kromede must deal damage continuously. Use Sprint to escape from or chase your enemies quickly and deal continuous damage.

◆ Traits

Kromede will not get hit by enemy Masters a lot. Choose Weapon Damage and Skill Power to upgrade her offensive abilities.


▣ Kromede’s Skillset - specialized in AoE attacks


Kromede’s passive skill is crucial. Attacking stunned, bound, and shocked enemies will cause them to bleed, causing them to take damage over time for 5 seconds. The enemies who are bleeding will also take additional 10% damage from Kromede’s skills.

Kromede can stun enemies with Galeforce Arrow, and bind them with Aetherpike Shards. Auto attack after using those skills to cause bleeding.

Galeforce Arrow is a skill where Kromede fires a single long-range arrow. The target will take high damage and will be knocked back. When the target collides with another enemy while being knocked back, they will be stunned for 1 second. The skill can deal great damage and can also stun enemies, but is fired in a linear path.

Aetherpike Shards will create a line of spikes at a designated spot. Enemies who step on a spike will be bound for 4.5 seconds, and the spike will be destroyed. Even though the shards can be destroyed, it can bind enemies for a long time and block enemy attacks also. The skill is considered one of the most powerful skills in MXM.


▲  If you use Quick Draw multiple times, a maximum of 5 arrows will be fired at once.

Quick Draw can be used consecutively at a maximum of three times. Kromede fires 1 arrow at the first skillshot, 3 arrows at the second skillshot, and 5 arrows at the third skillshot in a fan shape. The skill will hit multiple enemies and deals high damage.

Blot Out the Sun is a skill where Kromede fires multiple arrow at a designated area. Enemies within the area will take damage over time for a short period of time, and bleeding enemies will take an additional 10% damage. The skill will deal immense damage when all hits land, so it is used as Kromede’s primary DPS skill.

Righteous Justice, Kromede’s ultimate, will enhance her auto attacks for 7 seconds. 5 arrows will be fired in a fan shape even if Quick Draw is not charged, and her heat buildup rate is decreased. Kromede’s auto attack itself does not deal significant damage, but the skill can be effective in mass team fights where it is hard to focus on a single target.

Windborne Shield is a Survival skill that will create a protective shield and block a single enemy attack. The shield will last for 4 seconds and increases movement speed by 50%.


▲ Kromede’s ultimate will make her auto attacks more powerful for 7 seconds.


▣ Advanced Tips on Kromede - interrupt your enemies’ movement and devastate them.

Kromede will be usually fighting along the siege line with her long-ranged attacks. She can kill enemy guardians fast with her AoE attacks and poke enemy Masters at the same time.

When you see enemies approaching you, use Galeforce Arrow, Aetherpike Shards, or Kromede’s Survival skill to halt their advance. However, you should not let them start approaching you in the first place. Always keep distance from your enemies.

It is extremely hard to kill an enemy Master with Kromede in a 1vs1 situation. You can try blocking his way with Aetherpike Shards, cause bleeding, and attacking him with Blot Out the Sun, but it is not very effective.

Kromede’s AoE skills will shine in team fights. Although her damage is not high enough to solo kill the enemies, she can attack multiple enemies at once so her teammates can finish them off easily. Kromede must participate in team fights in order to lead the team to victory.


▲ Cause bleeding by auto attacking after Aetherpike Shards

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