An in-depth guide to Taejin - A nuker who can also support!

Taejin is a long-ranged ardent nuker in MXM. He has average weapon attack, skill damage, and survivability, which allows him to make flexible and efficient plays anywhere, anytime.

His sustainability in battle is great as he can recover stamina with his passive skill, and has a buff skill that grants him and his allies increased damage and movement speed, which is unusual for a nuker. With this skill, you can support your allies as your fight alongside them. Other than that, Taejin can also knock his targets back, making his laning phase fairly safe.

However, playing Taejin has a drawback - his long skill cast time and lack of CC. His ult is an AoE and DoT, but can only deal fair damage if the enemy stays in the AoE. Because of this, it is much better to use Taejin’s ult as a follow up to your allies’ CC.


▲ Taejin is a flexible Master with overall average stats.



▣ Just 30 seconds before the battle starts! Recommended Master options

◆ Recommended Augments

Taejin has a range rather short for a long-ranged Master. If you enhance his range, it will be more advantageous for you in battles since you’ll be able to recover his stamina whenever you hit your targets with weapon attacks.

◆ Recommended Skill Combinations

This skill combo is good when you are supporting your allies in battles. Try to initiate teamfights by using Inspiring Presence to grant a damage and movespeed increase to your allies, then use Explosive Barrage for AoE based fights.


The Concussion Blast and Proximity Grenade skill combo is good when you are fighting in the lane. Use Concussion Blast to block your enemies from moving forward, and then use Proximity Grenade with your weapon attacks to gradually chip away at enemy HP.

◆ Node Compatibility

Taejin’s Node Compatibility consists of 2 Offensive, 2 Defensive, and 2 Auxiliary Nodes. You’ll want to have Weapon Damage Nodes since you’ll be using your weapon attacks a lot, or you could have Skill Cooldown Reduction Nodes to use your buff skill more often.

◆ Recommended Spell

If you choose the Inspiring Presence skill combo, you’ll find yourself battling along with your allies. Support your allies further with Recovery Pulse, healing both you and your allies’ HP.

◆ Traits Priority

You’ll be relying heavily on Taejin’s weapon attacks since he is a long-ranged Master. Enhance his attack damage by investing your Trait Points in Weapon Damage and Critical Strike Chance.



▣ Heavy damage, buff, and survival skill! Taejin’s Skill Set

Concussion Blast is a skill that knocks back the target by firing a close-range blast in a small cone. Since it is short-ranged and has low damage, you’ll find it hard to use this skill as a main one. The skill does activate quickly, so you can use this skill to put distance between you and enemy when they get too close.

Using Proximity Grenade will throw a grenade to the target area. The grenade will detonate, inflicting damage targets in the area, although it will detonate after 3 seconds if there is no target within its AoE. This skill will inflict heavy damage if you manage to successfully hit the target as it deals damage upon hitting a target as well as when it explodes. Since the grenade goes off when stepped on, you can use it defensively to herd your enemies away from your or your allies.

Explosive Barrage is a skill that fires a line of explosive shells. The explosive shells inflict damage as it explodes 4 times. The skill activation is quick and deals fair damage, making it a viable main skill. However, it is hard to hit targets from a distance since the projectile flies rather slowly.

Inspiring Presence grants an aura that increases weapon damage and movement speed by 20% for Taejin and his allies within 10m. Using this skill when your allies are clustered together in teamfights is very efficient, and will also be helpful when going after escaping enemies. The buff will persist after tagging.


▲ Inspiring Presence grants an increase in attack damage and movement speed to both Taejin and his allies.


Taejin’s ult is Dregion Strike, which is quite similar to Proximity Grenade in the way it bombards a target area. Taejin will inflict damage by calling the Dredgion to drop several missiles on a target area, and any target hit by the missiles will be slowed by 40% for 2 seconds.

If every single missile hits the target, then you will able to inflict heavy damage; however, this skill takes time to activate and enemies can simply step out of the AoE while it is firing. Because of this, the ult is only so effective on its own, and works best in conjunction with your allies’ CC. Since Taejin himself is lacking in CC, you’ll need to rely on your allies to create the best opportunity to use Dregion Strike.

Taejin’s passive skill, Combat Instinct, will recover his stamina a little whenever he hits a target with his weapon attacks. As long as you watch out for the overheat, Taejin is the Master with the best sustainability in battles. His survival skill, Roll, makes Taejin roll forward for a short distance, granting him immunity to CC while moving. It uses up a lot of stamina but has only a 0.3 cooldown so it works great with his passive.


▲Taejin’s ult, Dredgion Strike, is powerful, yet easy to evade.



▣ Move with your allies or battle in the lanes! How to effectively play Taejin

Playing Taejin will be very different based on whether you use Inspiring Presence or not. Using Inspiring Presence will make you play the role of a support rather than a nuker. Refrain from moving on your own, and always accompany your allies. If you move with your jungler, you’ll lessen the time used for moving from monster to monster, allowing for fast farming with high mobility.

It may be good to use the skill whenever possible in order to maximize the effect. If you decide to do this however, you might not be able to use it when it is most needed, as its cooldown is fairly long.

It is important to use Inspiring Presence before dashing towards enemies in team fights. Use Proximity Grenade or Explosive Barrage with weapon attacks afterwards. Use your ult only when your enemies are hit with CC in order to maximize its damage.

Using Concussion Blast well will gather enemies together, but it will prevent you from using skill combos with allies. You might want to tag to another Master and inflict heavy damage, depending on the situation.


▲ Using Concussion Blast may save you, but will stop your skill combo with your allies.


When you are not using Inspiring Presence, you’ll be fighting in the lanes mostly. Taejin will be fantastic in the lanes since his ability to poke and kill minions is much better than that of mid-ranged or melee Masters. Notably, if you chose Concussion Blast, you will be able to save yourself by knocking back enemies when ambushed.

Other than that, Proximity Grenade is also great to use in the lanes. You’ll be able to kill enemy minions with speed and keep your enemies in check since it deals the most damage out of all skills Taejin has. Use Concussion Blast to always keep a good distance between you and enemies, then use Proximity Grenade in a skill combo.

Even if you are fighting in the lane, always use your ult when your allies are with you. However, if there doesn’t seem to be any chance of a teamfight and you happen to have a full ult gauge, you can use your ult on Guardian Towers to quickly push the lane.


▲ It’s a good idea to use your ult on the Guardian Tower if you have enough ult gauge.

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