An in-depth guide to Lua - Hit your enemies with various AoE skills

Lua is long-ranged kinetic assault Master who pokes from a distance in MXM. Her weapon, MX-SMG does not overheat, which allows you to fire her weapon non-stop. This lack of overheat make Lua one of the easiest Masters to play.

Lua has two AoE skills, allowing her to inflict damage on several targets at once. Both Shrapnel Rocket and Molten Rain are skills many prefer to use since they can inflict heavy AoE damage in the target area. Her ult, Napalm Wave, can deal heavy damage in a cone. She also has a mobility skill that lets her put distance between her and enemies, making her a fairly good long-ranged DPS Master.

In Titan Ruins, Lua is good for pushing lanes while also contributing to teamfights with her various AoE skills. You’ll usually find yourself placed in the lane with this advantage on your side. However, keeping a safe distance between you and enemies will always play a big part in the game since her range isn’t that long compared to other long-ranged Masters.


▲ Lua has several AoE skills. Her weapon does not overheat during attack.



▣ Just 30 seconds before the battle starts! Recommended Master options

◆ Recommended Augments

Choose Range to increase Lua’s range and you’ll be able to keep your distance more easily. You can use your weapon attacks and AoE skills more freely by choosing this augment.

◆ Recommended Skill Combinations

This skill combo will maximize Lua’s attack damage. By choosing Shrapnel Rocket and Molten Rain, you’ll be using all your active skills and ult as AoE skills. This skill combo is focused on maximizing burst damage.


This skill combo will grant you stability via using Distortion Shell. Use Shrapnel Rocket as your main skill to focus on dealing damage, and use Distortion Shell to put distance between you and your enemies in emergencies.

◆ Node Compatibility

Lua’s Node Compatibility is comprised of 2 Offensive, 2 Defensive, and 2 Auxiliary Nodes. You can choose Weapon Damage to increase your attack damage, or, Life Steal to increase sustainability for Offensive Nodes. Choose either CC Reduction or Health for Defensive Nodes, and Mana or Skill Cooldown Reduction for Auxiliary Nodes.

◆ Recommended Spell

Choosing Recovery Pulse will help you take care of your HP in the lanes and increase your survivability in battles.

◆ Traits Priority

Lua is a Master that can intensify her powerforce with heavy AoE damage. You can lessen the burden of mana by reducing your skill cooldowns and increasing mana recovery with Cooldown/Resources. If you’d like to enhance your weapon attacks, then invest your Trait Points in Weapon Damage. In this case, you can also increase your overall attack damage by boosting your weapon damage.



▣ Heavy damage with AoE skills, plus mobility! Lua’s Skill Set

Lua’s Shrapnel Rocket is a skill that launches a rocket in a straight line. The rocket explodes on the first target it hits or when it reaches the end of its range, inflicting damage in a cone shape. This skill is a commonly since it has the shortest cooldown among Lua’s skills. When you use this skill, try to hit the closest target so that once you successfully hit that target, you can inflict damage to several more targets behind.

Using Claymore Charge will make Lua dash to a target and push them away, and then fire a missile that will knock them even further back. It does not deal that much damage, but it does allow you to instantly move yourself near your enemy and then push them away. You can inflict lethal damage by using this skill to lunge at your target then follow up with your ult or another skill.

Next is Molten Rain, one of Lua’s other main skills along with Shrapnel Rocket. You can cause 4 explosions in a target area by launching a missile there. It deals fair damage, although has a bit of delay right before the explosion takes place, making it hard to hit the target unless you predict their next moves. Thus, it is important to use it calmly after you predict where they’ll move to next.


▲ Shrapnel Rocket is an AoE skill that will launch a missile in a straight line and inflict damage.


Lua’s last active skill is Distortion Shell, which can be used as a means of survival in emergencies. Using this skill causes Lua to jump 10m in the targeted direction. As Lua jumps, the shell she uses creates a 6m area at her launch position that restricts enemy weapon attacks. Lua can survive by distancing herself from enemies, but also create an area where enemies cannot attack, causing them to deal less damage.

Lua’s ult, Napalm Wave, is a skill that creates a series of massive explosions that fire outward in a cone. It deals heavy damage, knocking struck enemies into the air, allowing you to deal additional damage. Napalm Wave is an AoE skill, which means you should try to aim to hit as many targets as possible. Successfully hitting all Masters with your ult will let you lead the game to victory.

Using Lua’s survival skill, Swift Roll, will let Lua quickly roll 5m. It’s another skill that enhances her survivability along with Distortion Shell, although it does use up so much stamina that you should save it until you are threatened by enemy skills or getting ambushed.

Firearms Proficiency, her passive skill, gives her a costless skill after using 5 skills. Thanks to this, Lua doesn’t suffer as much from mana consumption. The number of skill stacks you have will be shown above the skill icons, although focusing solely on this could keep you from using your skills or attacking in the right moment; I strongly advise you to not pay attention too it too much until you get used to it.


▲ Lua’s ult, Napalm Wave, can inflict heavy damage in a cone, knocking struck enemies into the air.



▣ Keep your distance while continuously harassing your enemies! How to effectively play Lua

Lua is a great Master as she can quickly kill minions with her various AoE skills in Titan Ruins. In addition, if you consume all your mana, you can still clear minion waves easily since your weapon does not overheat. You’ll generally stay in the lane and protect your Guardian Towers when playing Lua.

I recommend using your skills when you’re absolutely sure you can hit. It’s best to use them after chipping away enemy HP with your weapon attacks. Lua does have good skill damage, but you won’t be able to use a skill when you desperately need it if you overuse them. Use the fact that Lua doesn’t overheat her weapon to your advantage; continuously use your weapon attacks, even between the skills when you’re poking at enemies.

If you choose the Shrapnel Rocket and Molten Rain skill combo, you’ll be able to focus on dealing immense damage. Along with her ult, Lua will have 3 AoE skills to use! However, she won’t have any mobility skills other than her survival skill, Swift Roll, so you’ll have to take care in keeping your distance.

You can always choose Shrapnel Rocket and Distortion Shell instead to make up for this. You will have one less damaging skill, but you will be more mobile thanks to Distortion Shell. Also, this skill will be effective in teamfights as you can disable enemy attacks in the area they’re standing, so if you want more stable plays, then I recommend this skill combo.


▲ It’s better for Lua to stay near the Guardian Towers and farm in the lane.


Once a fight breaks out, Lua has to keep poking from behind the frontline, although you won’t be able to partake in dealing damage if you just cower in the back as Lua is just mid-ranged. You’ll need to continuously poke from the maximum distance if possible, but retreat to keep your distance when your enemy comes near.

It is important to keep track of where your targets are when using Shrapnel Rocket, Molten Rain, and Napalm Wave. As all three skills can deal AoE damage, you’ll need to hit as many targets as possible to maximize the effect.

Always remember that Shrapnel rocket causes an explosion in a cone formation after the first hit, and Napalm Wave deals damage in a cone starting from the place you activate the skill. Choose the right skill to use in each situation; you can increase your hit accuracy by either letting your ally use their CC first or by using your Napalm Wave, launching targets into the air, and then using Shrapnel Rocket on the enemies you hit.

Molten Rain has one second of delay before the actual skill activation, and explodes on the target area, so always predict where your target will move and use it there. Unless they stay rooted to one spot when attacking, they are less likely be hit by Molten Rain, so I recommend using it in the direction your target is moving towards.


▲ Always check where your enemies are and try to hit as many as possible when using Lua’s skills.

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