A Little Wolf that could - SKT T1's slump and their path to redemption


Today's editorial cartoon is about SKT T1's slump, ensuing controversy and Wolf's apology.

Once seen as a unsurmountable juggernaut, SKT T1 has been in a losing streak for 9 games since their defeat at the hands of WE. Experts worldwide are starting to be pessimistic towards whether SKT T1 will be able to bounce back.

On top of that, the problem didn’t stop at in-game issues. Bang’s past comment that he made in his stream became a big issue, and his letter of apology wasn’t well-accepted by fans. For a moment, nothing that SKT does were helping the team to look good, let alone better.

Then, Wolf took a small step. Although fans seemed to be impossible to appease, Wolf's sincere apology on Twitter with genuine introspection and promise did exactly that.

However, SKT T1 still has a long way to go. There are two things that SKT T1 needs to do: A proper response for the unresolved issue involving Bang, and an assuarance that they are indeed the powerhouse that strikes fear into teams through winning. Only time will tell whether SKT T1 will continue their downward spiral or rise again from the ashes.

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