An in-depth guide to Rytlock - A melee Skirmisher with heavy damage and CCs

Rytlock is Kinetic-attuned melee Skirmisher in MXM who can use his ult to unleash powerful long-ranged attacks.

He is a very capable Master with various CC abilities that can slow, silence, and stun, which you can harass your enemies with. Also, Rytlock’s skills do not consume any resources, so you can use his skills without any limit as long as the cooldowns are gone. Although you’ll need to use his active skills carefully since they do have longer cooldowns than other Masters do.

He is a Master who can counter enemy CC- this is due to his passive skill which grants him a buff that renders him immune to next CC effect whenever he is struck by a CC skill. This gives Rytlock more freedom during teamfights, as it is harder to lock him down.


▲ Rytlock can limit target movement with various CC effects.



▣ Just 30 seconds before the battle starts! Recommended Master options

◆ Recommended Augments

Since most of Rytlock’s active skills have long cooldowns, you will be relying on Rytlock’s weapon attacks. Choose Weapon Damage to enhance his attack damage.

◆ Recommended Skill Combinations

The Brutish Leap and Hamstring skill combo will allow you to instantly place yourself upon your target and inflict heavy damage. Brutish Leap also slows down your target, which will make it easier for you to use Hamstring.


This skill combo will let you keep poking at your enemies from a distance- keep silencing them until you see the opportunity to pounce on your target with Brutish Leap to initiate a teamfight.

◆ Node Compatibility

Rytlock needs 3 Defensive Nodes for his Node Compatibility; since Rytlock needs to sustain as long as possible to use his CC on enemies, I recommend using either Defense or CC Reduction Nodes. Choosing Weapon Damage for Offensive Nodes might be a fair choice.

◆ Recommended Spell

Use Teleport in Titan Ruins to quickly join your teammates and initiate fights. You can support your allies no matter how far you are from where team fights break out.

◆ Traits Priority

I recommend investing your Trait Points in Health to enhance your survivability. Depending on your play style, you may use your points on Cooldown/Resource; this isn’t a bad choice since most of Rytlock’s skills have long cooldowns.



▣ With several CC skills and a burning blade! Rytlock’s Skill Set

Rytlock’s first active skill is Brutish Leap. Upon using this skill, Rytlock will leap to a target area and inflict damage, slowing enemies by 25% for 1.5 seconds. The skill inflicts 280 damage and has a 16 second cooldown. The skill has long range of 10m, which allows you to initiate teamfights from a fair distance. Also, the slowing effect of Brutish Leap makes it easy to combine skills afterwards.

Hamstring, after a short delay, inflicts 700 damage on the target and slows them by 30% for 2 seconds. The skill range is rather short and takes some time to actually activate, but this is the one that has the most damage out of all of Rytlock’s active skills. The cooldown is 12s, which is quite short compared to Rytlock’s other skills.


▲ You can use Brutish Leap to jump to a target area and initiate fights.


Head Shot is a skill that can inflict damage on enemies while silencing them from a distance. The damage itself is 190, which isn’t high, but it has a 12m range and silencing effect which you can use to keep your enemies from inflicting damage and using skill combos.

Using Pistol Whip will make Rytlock swipe at the target and stun them for 1.5 seconds, then inflict additional damage. If you manage to hit the target with all of the skill, you’ll be able to deal 270 damage in total. Rytlock will stun the target with his fist strike, then will quickly strike 5 times. You may stun the target for your allies to use their skill combos, but this skill has an 18 second cooldown, so you should use it carefully. Since taking any action in the middle of using Pistol Whip will cancel the skill, you could stun your target with it then take another action.

Rytlock’s ultimate skill is Sohothin’s Wrath. Using this skill will turn your weapon attack into long ranged attacks that pierces targets; it lasts for either 10 seconds or 6 attacks, and any target hit will burn for 4 seconds. Rytlock’s passive skill grants him additional damage to burning targets, and since the skill pierces through targets, you can aim it to hit as many targets.

In order to maximize the effect of Sohothin’s Wrath, use Rytlock’s passive skill, Warband Champion, to your advantage. Rytlock’s first and second weapon attack burns the target, and striking a burning target will inflict 20% additional damage. Use Sohothin’s Wrath to burn your targets, then continue attacking to maximize your damage.

Rytlock’s passive also grants him a buff that makes him immune to the next CC attack when he is struck with CC, which greatly increases Rytlock’s survivability. Even if you are struck by enemy CC, your passive skill will save you from any additional CC, allowing you to continue moving as you wish. Once the passive skill is activated, feel free to play more offensive than you usually do- try to trick your enemies into wasting their ults on Rytlock.


▲ Enemies struck by Head Shot will be silenced for a short period of time.



▣ Wise use of passive skill & ult! How to effectively play Rytlock

Rytlock is a Master who harass enemies by using various CC skills in the front line. Keep your enemies in check with various CC skills like slow, stun, and silence, and his passive skill, Tenacious.

Rytlock’s attack damage is decent, although his skill cooldowns are fairly long, so you should use his skills wisely. He may have good survivability, but you will be subject to danger if you waste your skills pointlessly and have nothing left to counter enemy attacks. This is why you should try to use Rytlock’s skills when you are absolutely sure.

You’ll also need to utilize Rytlock’s other passive, Sohothin, in order to win. With this passive, Rytlock’s first and second weapon attacks cause the target to burn, and his third weapon attack will deal 20% additional damage. Constant use of this effect will turn your Rytlock into an intimidating beast that will make your enemies cower in fear.


▲ You can check the burning stacks under enemy HP bar.


Good use of your ult is also crucial- Rytlock’s ult turns his weapon attacks into long-ranged attacks for 10 seconds or 6 attacks. Either after 10 seconds or 6 attacks, your ult will become inactive. When Sohothin’s Wrath is active, Rytlock’s weapon attacks penetrate enemies, damaging multiple enemies while burning all of them.

The best way to use his ult would be to hit as many targets as possible with the first strike, and then aim for critical hits with the remaining attacks. Be sure to keep in mind the time and strike limit of Sohothin’s Wrath. 10 seconds may not be long, but with just 6 strikes, you still have enough time to consider where to fire your flame, so don’t just throw your attacks aimlessly.

Rytlock should farm in the jungle when playing in Titan Ruins. Since he is a melee Master, it would not be safe for him to farm in lane where ranged enemies tend to farm. Just focus on his growth by farming jungle monsters, then quickly join your team when it looks like a fight might break out.

If you happen to spot an enemy who recklessly dived into your allies by himself, don’t hesitate to jump on him. Rytlock may have his best advantage in teamfights, but he may also be able to suppress his targets in one-on-one battles, depending on whether you manage to hit them with his skills.


▲ Using Sohothin’s Wrath will turn Rytlock’s weapon attacks into ranged attacks, burning your targets.

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