The unusual collaboration of Vonak and Nanurunerk - maximize Vonak’s weapon damage to its limit

This is the second edition of Dominating Titan Ruins with Fun Picks in MXM. Whereas the last article talked about the combination Moro’s Rocket Robo and Lilu’s Bird of Prey, this article introduces the synergy of Nanurunerk’s buffs with Vonak’s unique abilities.

Vonak is a mid-ranged Assault with impeccable attack speed, and has skills that reset his overheat gauge, making him one of the highest damage dealing Masters. Because of that, he is usually picked as a jungler, quickly slaying neutral monsters around the map.

What if you could empower his damage to be much higher? In order to do this, we turn to Nanurunerk, a Summoner who plays as a Support by tossing bundles that provide buffs to those who pick them up. The one bundle relevant here is his Manastone Bundle. Using the bundle, Vonak’s weapon damage can be multiplied to its maximum, allowing him to slay jungle monsters at a breakneck speed. Let’s take a look at these two Masters and see how much damage their synergy can bring about.

▲ The so-called Prince Maker combination with Nanurunerk’s stacking buffs on Vonak


Vonak and Nanurunerk - buff Vonak to maximize his weapon damage

Below is the description of how Vonak’s weapon damage is maximized to its limit with Nanurunerk’s skills.

What you need

1. Vonak with Unload and Spray Pattern for easy jungling
- Both skills deal high damage on single monsters.
- After using Spray Pattern, make sure you are close to the jungle monster so that your weapon attacks hit.


2. Nanurunerk with Enchantment Stone Bundle and Manastone Bundle
- Manastone Bundle provides buffs that can be stacked up to 10; it is important that you use the skill each time it comes off cooldown in order to stack buffs as quickly as possible.

How it works

1. Start with Nanurunerk, and use Manastone Bundle to stack buffs at each cooldown.

2. Whenever your RNG meter is at 100, be sure to use Manastone Bundle, not Enhancement Stone Bundle. An empowered Manastone Bundle drops 2 bundles, allowing you to stack buffs twice as fast. Use Enchantment Stone Bundle before tagging Vonak. This is done because the Enhancement buff lasts for only 10 seconds and it is more efficient to receive the buff right before jungling.

3. Use Vonak to slay mid-tier jungle monsters such as the Keeper, Guardian, or Warden.

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 and continue jungling while stacking buffs.

5. When you have leveled up enough, you can try stealing enemy jungle monsters or slay King Tanian or Rozark on your own.

As this strategy relies heavily on Vonak’s damage, you need to maintain Vonak’s HP. Even though Manastone Bundle provides buffs to both Masters, Nanurunerk’s damage is much weaker than Vonak’s, so you will most likely stick to Vonak if any fighting happens. If Vonak happens to die during teamfights, half of the stacks will disappear, causing him to lose quite a bit of his damage.

If Vonak stacks up buffs steadily without dying, he will be able to stack up to 10 by mid-game. The Master should probably be leveled up quite high as well, and you can now counter jungle, or try slaying King Tanian or Rozark. However, both tactics are a bit risky, so you have to keep track of your enemies in order to safely pull off either option.

Sometimes, jungling won’t be the best choice under certain circumstances. For example, if there is an enemy Titan of Fallen Hero marching towards your base, it would be best to concentrate on taking them down. If Vonak has 10 stacks of all 3 buffs, he can quickly vanquish almost any large enemy unit. Always try to think of where your firepower would be best utilized.

▲ Nanurunerk needs to stack up with Manastone Bundle from level 1
▲ Although Vonak’s ultimate is used more often, Nanurunerk’s ultimate is also used for escaping
▲ Aim for high-tier jungle monsters when you are leveled up
▲ Slaying Rozark takes some time even with a full-stacked Vonak. Be careful not to get discovered

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