PraY explains how SKT's love for ranged supports led GorillA to pick surprise Blitzcrank

On July 20th (KST), Longzhu Gaming took down SK Telecom T1 2-0 in the first match of 2017 LCK Summer Split Day 33. Woochan "Cuzz" Moon and Jongin "PraY" Kim performed well throughout the match and served as the backbones in the team's path to victory.

Here is our interview with Cuzz and Pray.

Congratulations on your win today.

Cuzz: I'm glad that we managed to win four matches in a row - especially because we took down SKT T1 for it.

PraY: I'm very content that we had a clean win against a strong team.

How did you prepare for today's match?

Cuzz: We could spend some time before going up against SKT, so we decided on a few points to practice well enough. I think that's why we could prepare well against SKT.

PraY: Regardless of our opponent's strength, I'm pretty sure we can defeat anyone if we can just play to our strength. I think we won today because we played with compositions that we wanted to play.

Cuzz made a mistake that could have changed the tide of the game. How did you kept your cool afterwards?

Cuzz: I should have been more careful. I think I got careless when we started to take the lead. I think we won because I managed to snap out of it and played perfectly from that point.

GorillA picked Blitzcrank for the first time in years.

PraY: It wasn't aimed at specific players, but it came naturally as we practiced what we need SKT prefers to play with ranged supports, which makes Blitzcrank's grab very powerful. Also, GorillA is known to not play with Blitzcrank, so we picked Blitz as a double surprise.

PraY, Why did you play with Kalista in both games?

PraY: Kalista can be safely blind-picked. We were going to counter Kalista as we assumed that they'd pick Kalista when given the chance, but we were free to take it because they didn't. I think I played her well.

You are already on second place this split. How will you approach the remaining matches?

Cuzz: Our team house mood is up in the clouds, we are on a roll and feeling more confident and ever. I dare say that we are thinking of winning all the remaining matches without dropping a game.

PraY: My personal goal is to win the Summer Split and head straight to the World Championship. We do have some matches against strong opponents left, but I actually feel more anxious when facing 'weaker' teams. I'll do my best to not get caught off guard.

I assume PraY will be especially happy about defeating SKT?

PraY: I was so happy that we've won. I'm also relieved that SKT didn't 'went off' in today's match. Now, I guess it's Ever8 Winner's turn to find out whether they'll be the one to see SKT break out of their losing streak. Good luck Ever8!

Thanks for the interview. Do you have anything that you want to say?

Cuzz: We are on a winning streak and we are on a roll. I'd like to thank the fans who are always cheering for us, and we'll make sure that we can repay with good results.

PraY: I'd like to thank the coaching staff for cheering and supporting us. We'll do our best to land straight into the finals while we are on a roll. Please continue to cheer for us.

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