Cuvee reveals the match-up against Longzhu and kt will be the most important to place 1st in LCK

Cuvee emphasize the game point due to the competition is getting harder in LCK. 

On July 20th (KST), Samsung Galaxy defeated bbq Olivers 2-0 in the second match of 2017 LCK Summer Split Day 33. Sungjin "Cuvee" Lee had played Kled and Jarvan IV and contribute to win by enduring opponent's attack. He had a featured interview after the match.

Here is the full text of Cuvee. 

Q. Please say a few word on today's victory against bbq Olivers. 

Game point is getting important because league's competition is more harder than before. Now, I feel comfortable after we won the match 2-0.

Q. How does your team's atmosphere and practicing?  

The atmosphere in team house is good because we are at top of league. We are focusing on studying which pick is good on this meta and practicing macro plays which is just fit to the picks we chosen. 

Q. Samsung Galaxy is good at lane control. How does your team control it?

Every lane player gets to take his lane minions.  After his calling, other teammates discuss what they going to do.

Q. It seems every team in LCK has its own color.

Longzhu Gaming just likes team fighting, but we are trying to win by macro plays. It is more difficult style because it does not allow any mistake. Our play is more similar to kt Rolster because they also focus on macro plays with vision control.

Q. Samsung will have a match against MVP in two days. It seems very tight schedule.

We don't think it is big deal. We had long enough break time with practicing. But, we just wonder that we need to adopt this patch more than now.

Q. We want to hear your purpose on remaining match up.

We want to win every remaining games. The match against Longzhu Gaming and kt Rolster will be the hardest one.

Q. Anything else to say?

Thank you very much on the people who cheer our team up. We will do our best to win all remaining games by 2-0.

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