KT Score on Chogath: "If the new patch is applied to LCK, he could definitely see play"

We never expected to see Skarner on top the stage of LCK. Although he was featured before during Worlds and other regional leagues, Skarner saw no play in LCK since 2013. There are just too many champions that can do what Skarner does, and sometimes, even better - or, so we thought.

But 'Score' of 'KT Rolster' did not hesitate to feature Skarner on stage. As if he was waiting, Score pulled out the surprise pick on their series against MVP on the 19th of July, only to lead the team to victory. 'Score' is a player that is well-known as "the best jungler in the world" by many fans. And so, with the rise of less-aggressive jungle champions such as Sejuani, we grew curious in how Score perceived the current jungle meta. So we asked him.

How do you feel after that victory?

We have been consistently winning in the LCK. But we also consistently lost the 2nd set of every series. And so, I came in today fully dedicated to winning every set. Now, I feel really good because we also broke that streak with today's series.

You picked Skarner!
The changes to 'Cinderhulk' indirectly buffed the passive(tank) junglers. Out of many of those champions, I practiced Skarner. Our teammates recommended the idea of using him as soon as possible before other teams realize and form a strategy against him. So we picked him today.

Like you said, lots of passive junglers are making its appearance on the competitive stage. Do you think popular solo queue champions like Nunu, Warwick, and Chogath will also see play?

If the new patch is applied to LCK, then Chogath could definitely see play. For Nunu... Not so much. Warick, on the other hand, is a champion that heavily relies on team composition. Building a team around him is not as easy as you'd think. Also, when you consider the fact that jungle champions are usually picked before the rest, it gets even more difficult to play Warwick. 

On the 2nd set, MVP banned 4 ADC champions.

We didn't feel too much pressure as Deft still had more champions that he could've played. We also predicted beforehand that they would focus their bans on Deft.

KT's remaining games in the LCK seem quite tough...

It doesn't matter who we face. We have to perform no matter what. I actually prefer it like this. 

You showed stellar performance on Skarner during the 1st set, but you didn't receive the MVP title.

I feel like every time I am about to receive the title for a great play, my teammates throw. I think there is someone in the team sabotaging all of my opportunities. 

Any last words?

Tomorrow is the only day of rest for my team for the remainder of the Summer Split. So tomorrow, we will rest up and practice hard. Please cheer for us and we will pay you back with great performance. 

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