JAG SnowFlower on putting SKT on 3-match slump: "I asked for Kennen support after watching GorillA"


JAG SnowFlower strongly asked for Kennen support after watching LZ GorillA playing it in an LCK match.

On July 18th (KST), Jin Air Green Wings ended their losing streak as they took down SK Telecom T1 2-0 in the first match of 2017 LCK Summer Split Day 31. Hoeijong "SnowFlower" No performed well throughout the match, but his 5-man stun with Kennen in Game 2 that sealed the fate of the match was especially impressive.

The following is the interview with Hoeijong "SnowFlower" No.

Congratulations on taking down the giant, SKT T1. How are you feeling right now?

As we lost against bbq Olivers, we have to win all the remaining matches for a chance to get into the playoffs. We really practiced a lot, and that's why I think we could close out today's match perfectly. I'm happy.

Are you happier because you've defeated one of the strongest teams?

I'm happier that we've defeated SKT T1.

On what aspect do you feel that you've played better than SKT T1?

I think our midlaner and jungler did well, and our drafting was very good too.

How was the decision to play Kennen as support in Game 2 made?

I've been always confident with Kennen. After watching GorillA play [with Kennen] this split, I strongly asked for it to the coaching staffs.

Did you expect to win 2-0?

We just came into the match thinking that we should do as well as we can, but our midlaner and jungler were in a really good shape - so we just breezed through both games.

Why do you think the team hasn't been doing well until now?

We underestimated our opponents. Also, the coaching staffs asked me to play tanky champions, but I didn't because I didn't like to play with them. I think they are the reason why we've been losing.

UmTi's decisive gank in the early game of Game 1 was foiled because of wards. Were you thrown off by it by any chance?

UmTi actually planned it from the start, but it didn't go as planned because the opponent warded well. However, UmTi quickly improvised and successfuly ganked mid, so it worked out in the end.

Fans often liken you to Robin Hood because you take wins from strong teams while 'giving away' wins to weaker teams. Do you agree?

I agree. We've lost against relatively weaker teams too many times.

Thank you for the interview. Is there anything else that you want to share?

I'd really like to thank the Jin Air administration. They supported us really well this split. We'll be gunning for the 5-match winning streak, so please continue to cheer for us.

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