Kat the Cat, the four faces Support - support allies and interrupt enemies

Kat the Cat is a melee Kinetic-type Support in MXM. He is a Master with a somewhat disparate playstyle. He has 4 combat stances in total, and each stance provides different attack motions, range, and additional effects.

You can change the stance by casting each active skill. For example, Mew the Cat stuns nearby enemies for 0.5 seconds and converts weapon attacks into a long-range attack. Just like this example, all 4 active skills each have an active and passive effect. Their stance change effects last for 15 seconds or 7 attacks.

The ultimate is also quite unique. It is a targeted skill that can be used on both allies and enemies. Upon using the skill on allies, it removes a debuff and provides a 10% speed boost for 3 seconds. When used on an enemy, it instead dispells one buff, and reduces their weapon damage by 10% for 3 seconds. Moreover, it is not a one-cast skill, and may be used twice before going on cooldown.

▲ Kat the Cat is a Master who can change his stance depending on the circumstances


Recommended Master options

Recommended Augment

Kat’s playstyle becomes different depending on his stance. Weapon Damage would enhance his overall damage regardless of the stance.

Recommended skills combinations

This combination is specialized in CC. Use Mew the Cat for long-range harassment and stuns, while King the Cat provides additional defense and binds enemies.

This is good for long-range combat. Queen the Cat, in particular, provides strong buffs to allies.


It consists of 1 Offensive, 2 Defensive, and 3 Auxiliary Node sockets. Equip Defense to increase survivability, and Mana or MP Per second in order to use skills more often.

Recommended Auxiliary skill

Do not forget that Kat the Cat’s primary role is a Support. It is crucial to have vision around you by using Titan’s Gaze so you can keep track of enemy movement.

Traits priority

Extra attacking features do not really work well with Kat the Cat. Instead, it is better to go with Defense for more survivability and Mobility for movement and stamina recovery.

Summary of Kat the Cat’s skills

Mew the Cat stuns surrounding enemies for 0.5 seconds. He then converts weapon attacks into a long-range attack. Even though the duration is quite short and the range is not that far, the converted long-range attack is quite useful for harassing from a distance.

Kai the Cat reflects 50% of incoming damage right back at the attacker for 0.8 seconds. Kat then converts his weapon attack into short-ranged raking swipes while gaining 10% movement speed and critical strike chance. The swipes refresh the damage reflection, allowing you to reflect a fair amount of damage.

King the Cat binds nearby enemies for 1 second. Kat then converts his weapon attacks into a splash attack around him which applies a 15% slow for 1.2 seconds and can be stacked twice. Kat gains 15% defense and 10 HP recovery while using King the Kat.

Queen the Cat converts Kat’s weapon attack into a mid-ranged attack. The skill is applicable not only to enemies, but also allies, granting 10% damage and 10% defense to those hit by the fans for 10 seconds.

▲ Kai the Cat reflects incoming damage back at the attacker


Upon using the ultimate called Pounce!, Kat pounces onto an ally or enemy, knocking back enemies in your path and knocking down your target. It may be used twice before going on cooldown, and the effect is different depending on who you cast the ultimate on. On allies, it removes 1 debuff and increases their movement speed by 10% for 3 seconds. It also recovers 100 HP over 3 seconds. On enemies, it dispels a buff on them and reduces your target’s weapon damage by 10% for 3 seconds, while granting you 10% increased weapon damage for the same duration.

Feline Grace, Kat’s passive skill, increases Kat’s attack speed by 8% for 5 seconds each time you use a skill. His survival skill, called If I Fits, I Sits, grants him invincibility for 1.2 seconds. However, you cannot move while using this skill. Kat gains 50% increased movement speed for a short time once the invincibility ends.

▲ Upon using Kat’s ultimate, you can knock back and knock down enemies


Using Kat the Cat - support allies and interrupt enemies

Depending on circumstances and skills you use, Kat the Cat may be an all-round or an incompetent Master. That is why you need to understand the current situation and your skills, and keep changing the stance correspondingly.

His weapon damage is not that great in general, thus his primary role should be supporting allies. However, the only skills that provide buffs to allies are Queen the Cat and his ultimate, so Kat usually sticks to harassing and interrupting enemy plays instead of providing buffs at the back.

The skill that is used most often is Mew the Cat. This increases Kat’s attack range, which is quite effective at helping him harass enemies. You will not have many chances to properly use the stun on enemies, but it can still be used if you’re suddenly ambushed or if an ally has already caught an enemy in a CC ability.

King the Cat is very useful for binding Masters and preventing them from escaping. Along with the 1 second bind, the movement speed debuff is quite helpful. However, you need to be in close quarters in order to make full use of the skill. Thankfully, the skill provides buffs to your defense and health recovery, allowing you to survive an onslaught you would usually fall victim to.

▲ Mew the Cat is Kat’s main skill and allows him to use long-ranged attacks

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