Merope, a Nuker specialized in teamfights with formidable damage and a number of AoE skills

Merope is a long-ranged Kinetic-type Nuker in MXM. She is specialized in attacking enemies from a distance.

As a Nuker, she possesses a number of devastating attack skills. However, you are more likely to end up with zero MP because of the huge MP consumption. Therefore, you must be sure to use not only skills, but weapon attacks as well. Using your skills at the right time is essential when you play Merope.

Although her survivability is not great, her skill combinations may supplement this weakness. One of her active skills allows her to leap away to the target area, and another recovers MP and HP under certain circumstances. Depending on your playstyle and skill choices, she shows different performances in relation to damage and survivability.

▲ Merope, a Nuker specialized in the powerful skill damage


Recommended Master options

Recommended Augment

Due to her drastic MP consumption, it is generally better to use weapon attacks unless you are certain your skills will hit. Equip Weapon Damage to increase the damage.

Recommended skill combinations

This combination focuses on firepower. These skills also allow you to make use of nearby terrain when attacking. However, they are skill-shots, so they require some practice.

Use Missile Salvo to attack from a distance, and Vector Strike as a means of movement. You can also use Vector Strike to deal damage to enemies.


Merope has three Offensive Node sockets. Weapon Damage is suitable for increasing attack damage, or Attunement Scaling for enhancing her Attunement type. MP Recovery is also not a bad choice for Merope.

Recommended Auxiliary skill

Recovery Pulse is recommended for recovering HP in dire situations. The skill also heals a certain amount of teammates’ HP as well, and is therefore beneficial during teamfights.

Traits priority

When you manage to land one of Merope’s skills on an enemy, it will usually deal quite a lot of damage; distribute points to Skill Power in order to further enhance her damage. Mobility can also be a beneficial choice, as it allows her to keep her distance from enemies while attacking.

Summary of Merope’s skills

Missile Salvo is Merope’s main skill. Upon clicking the mouse button, you can designate the starting point of your salvo line of missiles by dragging the mouse. The range is 12 meters and it can even attack behind walls. The skill damage is 795, which is considered quite formidable. However, the control is somewhat difficult as you need to designate the direction yourself, so it requires a bit of practice to become accustomed to the skill.

Devastator Rocket fires a low-speed missile that explodes upon reaching the targeted area. It also deals damage to enemies and terrain it passes through, as well as when it explodes at its targeted area.

Upon using Vector Strike, Merope quickly accelerates in a line, and slams into the first enemy in her path, dealing 715 damage and knocking them away. You can use this skill to knock back the target and continue attacking with other skills.

▲ Missile Salvo is an attacking skill with considerable range


Conversion Battery creates an energy field around Merope that lasts for 5 seconds and nullifies a maximum of 5 attacks. If 5 attacks are nullified, the shield disappears and restores 200 MP and 10% of Merope’s HP. The skill essentially makes Merope invincible for a short period and is a very effective defense skill, especially when it comes to avoiding burst damage. However, the skill requires a considerable amount of MP (200), so make sure you’ve got enough MP before you charge into a barrage of attacks.

Merope’s ultimate is called Target Locked. It fires missiles at up to 4 targets in a fan shape. If there are less than 4 targets, multiple missiles will strike the same enemy, dealing an incredible amount of damage. This skill can maximize Merope’s firepower, being beneficial both in teamfights and one-on-one encounters. Merope’s ult can be useful in many situations, so be sure to use it when the right time comes.

Merope’s passive, Pleiades Michani Enas, has two parts to it. The first, Coolant Flush, instantly reduces weapon heat buildup after using a skill. Because Merope cannot use multiple skills in quick succession, this part of her passive allows her to keep using her weapon attack in between her scarce skill casts. The second part of her passive is Networking, which increases Merope’s weapon damage by 10% if there is another tagged-in android in your party. Boost to Get Through!, Merope’s survival skill, allows Merope to use a booster to quickly move over a distance of 7m.

▲ Target Locked fires homing missiles at up to 4 targets


Using Merope - maintain distance and use nearby terrain

Merope is suitable for dealing damage from a long distance. Not only her weapon attacks, but her active skills also deal AoE damage, making them particularly effective during teamfights. However, it can be difficult to land attacks during a one-on-one duel, so try to avoid that if possible.

All of her active skills aside from Conversion Battery are skill shots, so they may require some practice. If you struggle to land Merope’s attacks, then try to stick with an ally who can use CC, and then follow up whenever they bind/stun/etc. an enemy. The MP cost of her skills is quite high, so be sure to stick to your weapon attack and save Merope’s skill for the right time.

▲ Devastator Rocket explodes upon reaching the target area, but its speed makes it inaccurate


One of Merope’s merits is her ability to use nearby terrain. Merope can attack enemies from the other side of terrain without any trouble.

When using Missile Salvo, you may need to use it from the opposite side of the wall, but the right direction and location of salvo line can attack enemies behind walls or obstacles.

Even though she possesses formidable attack damage, she becomes quite vulnerable if an enemy gets too close. If you choose Missile Salvo and Vector Strike, which are mainly offensive skills, the survival skill is the only thing that could get you out of a dire situation. Therefore, the combination of Vector Strike and Conversion Battery is more recommended if you struggle to maintain distance from your enemies.

Vector Strike is good for survivability and skill combinations. Not only can it help you quickly escape from danger, it can also be used to initiate a devastating combo. For example, you can knock back a target with Vector Strike and use Target Locked right after to deal a tremendous amount of damage the enemy before they can even react.

Conversion Battery creates a barrier that nullifies enemy attacks for 5 seconds, and heals HP and MP after nullifying 5 attacks. If you are concerned about MP consumption, this skill would be a good choice. However, in order to make sure you get the MP and HP recovery, you have to time the activation so that enough attacks hit you. At the same time, you don’t want to go head-first into a barrage of enemy fire. Knowing when it is best to use Conversion Battery can require a bit of practice.

▲ Not only is Vector Strike used as a movement skill, it also deals a considerable damage
▲ Conversion Battery may enhance your survivability, but it requires practice to be used well

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