Statesman - harass enemies with CC and tenacity

Statesman is a Kinetic-type Juggernaut in MXM. Even though he’s commonly used to harass enemies with his impeccable survivability even though he is a melee character.

Statesman has various CC abilities. Upon using active skills, he can slow, launch, or knockback enemies, which can be very beneficial during teamfights. His passive reduces the duration of CC on him, and Dull Pain heals the Master and removes all debuffs. That is, Statesman can force CC on enemies, while he himself is very resistant to CC.

On the other hand, his attack damage is not good enough to deal fatal damage to targets on his own. Therefore, it is best to work in combination with allies who can deal damage while you CC enemies.

▲ Statesman specializes in teamfights with his CC abilities


Recommended Master options

Recommended Augment

Statesman’s weapon attack can be charged and allows the Master to charge to a designated direction quickly after holding down the button for a short period of time. Charge Attack/Range gives increased movement distance which makes it easier to approach enemies.

Recommended skill combinations

This combination helps maximize Statesman’s CC. You can approach enemies with Flying Haymaker and disrupt the enemy group by using Foot Stomp.

Use Flying Haymaker just like in the previous combination. You perform weapon attacks afterward, and heal yourself with Dull Pain and increase sustainability.


Statesman is generally specialized in taking enemy attacks with his solid defense and HP. Therefore, the type of nodes should mainly be defensive and HP ones. In Offensive nodes, Weapon Damage wouldn’t be a bad choice, but Maximum Overheat Limit is also effective for reducing heat buildup. Movespeed and Skill Cooldown Reduction are suitable in the Auxiliary node sockets.

Recommended Auxiliary skill

Sprint is good in Titan Ruins. It allows the Master to move faster for either approaching enemies or joining the fight. You can also use this to draw your enemies’ attention and escape afterward.

Traits priority

Statesman needs to boot his HP by having Boost Health, as he needs to perform close combat with enemy Masters. Other traits that are worth distributing points to would be Boost Defense and Boost Skill Defense. Choose Boost Defense for reducing attack damage taken, and Boost Skill Defense for reducing skill damage taken.

Summary of Statesman’s skills

Heroism allows Statesman to have increased stats for a short period of time. Upon using the skill, the Master takes flight and increases movement speed by 5% and defense by 10%. Weapon attacks become ranged and skill effects are empowered. Upon activation, all non-ultimate cooldowns are reset and you regain 20% of your MP.

Olympian Bolts calls down 4 lightning bolts that deal damage to enemies. Upon activation of the ultimate, the skill slows struck enemies by 30% for 4 seconds. Although the damage is only 50 without any skill upgrades, it is still preferred for its slowing effect on multiple targets and relatively short cooldown of 9 seconds.

Flying Haymaker is a charging skill that has the most damage out of all of Statesman’s skills, and it launches targets into the air when used during Heroism. Statesman quickly flies to the target location to strike an enemy and launches the target into the air, giving allies the perfect opportunity to attack. It can also be used as a means of movement, but the cooldown is 14 seconds so you shouldn’t cast it carelessly.

▲ Flying Haymaker allows for quick movement to the target location


Foot Stomp causes a shockwave that knocks enemies back. The damage is 285 at level 1. It is used for disrupting the enemy group or when you are surrounded by enemies. The combination of Flying Haymaker followed by Foot Stomp can bind the target and give an opportunity for allies to attack.

Dull Pain increases Statesman’s survivability. Not only does it heal 10% max HP and remove all debuffs, it also restores an additional 2% max HP for each debuff removed. That is, the more debuffs you remove from yourself with Dull Pain, the more HP you recover. You can surprise enemies when you manage to recover a large amount of HP, making this skill very useful when played at the right time. When the skill is used with Heroism, it spreads the same effect to allies within a 6 meters radius.

Statesman is less affected by CC due to his passive, Unyielding. It causes CC effect durations to be reduced by 25%, allowing him to get out of CC quicker than any other Masters. The survival skill called Unstoppable makes Statesman become immune to all damage and crowd control effects for 2 seconds. Appropriate use at the right time can nullify enemies’ main skill damage. His movement speed is also increased by 15% for 2 seconds after activation.

▲ Upon using Dull Pain, Statesman can remove CC and heal himself


Using Statesman - Give allies an opportunity to attack

Among all Masters in MXM, Statesman is one of the most tenacious Masters with solid survivability. His passive reduces CC effect durations, and Dull Pain completely removes all debuffs and heals the Master at the same time. Even though his attack and skill damage is not so great, his main role is primarily to keep persistently harassing enemies.

He does not have any single or AoE skills with notable damage, making him not very effective for slaying neutral monsters or enemy units in Titan Ruins. Therefore, you need to support allies with CC and your ultimate during teamfights, where his potential shines the most.

Heroism provides various effects such as airborne or slowing movement speed to a couple of active skills, and the appropriate use of these skills would give allies a great chance to collaborate easily. Generally, you need to take incoming enemy projectiles and give allies some free time to deal damage during fights.

You also need to roam around the map and support ranged Masters in the lane or teammates struggling in the jungle. Even though his grinding pace is not as great as others, he may be able to dominate the battlefield with his formidable survivability after he is leveled up.

▲ Heroism increases Statesman’s stats for a certain period of time


His core skills are Unstoppable and Heroism without a doubt. The survival skill Unstoppable makes him immune to any damage for 2 seconds, making him invincible in the middle of the enemy group. You can use Flying Haymaker to approach enemies, buy some time with Unstoppable, and use any other skills to follow up.

Heroism adds additional effects to Statesman’s other skills. Olympian Bolts decreases movement speed by 30%, and Flying Haymaker makes enemies airborne. The distance that the target gets launched away is increased with Foot Stomp, and the effect of Dull Pain is applied to all nearby allies. Therefore, you need to understand the additional effects of each skill during the 8 seconds of Heroism and use it appropriately.

For example, you may need to calculate the increased distance that the target is launched away with an empowered Foot Stomp. If you use it when one of your allies is casting an AoE skill, it may end up saving the launched target from ally attacks. On the other hand, the effect of Dull Pain that recovers HP and removes all debuffs is now applied to all nearby enemies with Heroism, thus it is recommended that you use the skill with as many allies with you as possible.

▲ Foot Stomp pushes away the target

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