Former Coach of GFE, Wizard: "I have not been fully paid"


Previously on May 2017, Overwatch eSports team, 'Gale Force eSports', made an announcement of releasing their players and coach. And on July 16(KST), one of their released staff, Hyongseok "Wizard" Kim, made a post on a Korean Overwatch forum(Inven) stating that he hasn't been fully paid by the organization and that he needs help. 

According to the post, Wizard has been facing this problem even before his release from GFE. He also mentioned that he constantly addressed the problem to the organization, only to be told that he will be paid "soon". He then added that the organization started to ignore further inquiries regarding the issue. 

The post states that Wizard directly contacted the CEO of GFE for answers. In response, the CEO wrote back that the players were violating their contracts. The part of the contract that the players violated are as follows: "A player must produce at least 6 contents a month. The contents include videos, podcasts, and articles." Wizard then explained that he had asked the organization about this part of the contract before his release - as he found it odd - only to be told at the time that it wasn't important. However, when the organization released their Overwatch players, they brought up the contract violation and refused to pay in full. 

Wizard was also told that he violated his contract by contacting 'COO' while he was still under GFE. This led the organization to believe that Wizard and a few others tried to leave the team for another; leading them to eventually disband the team.

Overwatch fans from Korea and North America in response are supporting Wizard on the issue. There has yet to be an official response from GFE.


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