Jingtai - a professional Skirmisher who delivers the target to allies

Jingtai is a Helix-type Skirmisher in MXM. He wields a staff which unleashes a series of ramping strikes and the final strike launches enemies into the air.

His skill allows him to deal damage, quickly zero-in on enemies, and also launch or push his foes. You can use these skills to suppress enemies and give allies an opportunity to fight together.

Jingtai’s passive empowers his attack damage with each weapon attack strike, up to 10%, the last strike in a string of attacks launches enemies into the air. His ult blocks enemy projectiles, and the combination of these skills can give him an advantage over enemies during teamfights.

▲ Jingtai possesses a number of CC abilities that halt enemy movement


Recommended Master options

Recommended Augments

The longer you hold down the button, the stronger Jingtai’s weapon attack becomes, and his final strike launches enemies into the air. Having attack speed increased allows you to perform that powerful final strike more often.

Recommended skills combination

Sweep Aside and Bounding Strike are effective for sudden attacks which send the enemy group into disarray and deliver enemies to allies. Use Bounding Strike to approach enemies almost instantly and push one of the enemies towards allies.

Million Staff Burst and Fling are very convenient when you want to harass enemies. Jingtai can use Million Staff Burst to harass enemies in front of allies and toss any approaching enemy over to allies with Fling.


As Jingtai usually harasses enemies in the front or needs to charge into the middle of the enemy group, he usually equips nodes that increase survivability. Equip Defense and Health for Defensive Nodes, CC Reduction for Offensive Node, and Movespeed for Auxiliary Nodes.

Recommended Auxiliary skill

Recovery Pulse is the best choice in order to increase Jingtai’s survivability against a large number of enemy attacks.

Traits priority

Defense is recommended in order to reduce the damage taken from enemy attacks, as he usually initiates teamfights. The remaining trait points should be put into Mobility to allow for easier engage and escape.

Summary of Jingtai’s skills

Million Staff Burst delivers multiple blows in a short line. Not only does it deal damage, it also decreases enemy defenses by 10%, making the target vulnerable to damage. You can use other skills to push him towards allies and use Million Staff along with your allies’ skills.

Sweep Aside pushes enemies away. Jingtai can push them away to the direction he is charging, thus you need to go to their back in order to push them into allies. Jingtai dashes towards where an enemy was pushed to when you press the button once again. This allows Jingtai to move back to allies quickly.

Bounding Strike allows Jingtai to leap to the target area, and the longer the button is held down, the farther the distance becomes. Jingtai deals damage to enemies upon landing. This can be used to either chase down enemies with low HP, or move to the back of enemies and use Sweep Aside to push them into allies.

Upon using Fling, Jingtai dashes to an enemy and flings them over his shoulder. A flung enemy is knocked down for a short period of time, giving allies a chance to deal additional damage.

▲ Using Sweep Aside, Jingtai can buy some time to push away all type of enemies


Jingtai restores stamina after using 4 skills through his passive, Staff Fighter. In addition, each weapon strike increases your weapon damage by 1%, stacking up to 10%. The weapon attack that ends your string of attacks launches enemies into the air.

Pogo is Jingtai’s survival skill. He balances on his staff, becoming invincible for 1 second. Jingtai may reuse this skill to leap away to the direction you are facing if no directional movement command is given. Appropriate use of this skill may allow Jingtai to evade both enemy weapon attacks and AoE skills.

Spirit of Protection is Jingtai’s ult, which projects a spiritual image. The projection charges forward, spinning its staff while damaging enemies in its path and blocking enemy projectiles. It is ideally used when enemies are grouped in a line.

▲ The ult can be used to chase down enemies


Using Jingtai - stay in front of allies with solid survivability and lead the tide of the battle

Although Jingtai’s survivability is relatively good, his weapon attack damage is somewhat weak as a Skirmisher. It is, therefore, better to use skills and interrupt enemy movement or push them to allies, instead of trying to deal damage. However, his weapon attack still can be very beneficial, and therefore you may need to constantly hit the target to activate the effect in front of allies.

Jingtai can level up easily by slaying neutral monsters without much difficulty in the beginning. This is possible due to his passive, which increases the weapon attack damage when you hit the target constantly. Neutral monsters are easier to deal with than Masters, allowing him to level up smoothly. If you find it somewhat more difficult than you imagined, you can still go to the lanes and kill enemy units.

▲ Jingtai can enhance his weapon attack damage and make enemies airborne through his passive


Jingtai needs to stay in the front with his high survivability during teamfights. Cast the weapon attacks to approaching enemies, but be careful not to be grabbed and pulled towards the enemy group. Use Pogo as much as possible to become invincible, evade enemy attacks and stick close to allies.

If your skill combination is Million Staff Burst and Fling, you need to confront approaching enemies. Even though it’s best going for supporters with low survivability or ranged damage dealers, they are usually located in the backline.

Fling a nearby enemy Master over your shoulder to your allies, and use Million Staff Burst to deal additional damage. The enemy Master should have his defense decreased and should be at the mercy of your allies’ concentrated fire.

When the combination is Sweep Aside and Bounding Strike, it is better to hide in the bush or in the middle of the allied group and wait for the perfect moment. Bounding Strike is used to approach a target and deal damage. Sweep Aside is then used to push the enemy away to allies so that they can finish the enemy off. Sweep Aside can also be used to push away approaching enemies.

When you spot a ranged damage dealer with low HP during teamfights, Spirit of Protection can help you take down that enemy with its projected spiritual image, as it passes through all enemies in its path.

▲ Use Fling to push away the enemy with low HP to allies

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