6 clips that make team wipes look easy



Your heart is racing. You’ve never played this well before and it's all up to you to save the game. Through an unholy combination of luck and skill, you pull off the most insane play you never thought yourself capable of. You catch your breath and soak in your victory as you realize you may have just peaked.

These guys make that look like just another Tuesday.

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1. Doomfist shows why conflict breeds strength.

Not only does Doomfist casually take on all five of his clones, he remains calm and collected the entire fight. Like a Street Fighter pro with his combos and jukes, Talon’s mastermind barely breaks a sweat as he takes his peers to school.

2. Hell hath no fury like a Mercy scorned. 

Her team is gone, she’s surrounded on all sides, and no one can help her. The only thing left to do is fight. Straight out of an 80’s action film, the enraged healer pulls out her sidearm and extracts her vengeance. 

Well played, Mercy. Well played.

3. A hallway, a reflect, and five prime targets.

A well timed reflect can be scary, but an ultimate 10 seconds into the match can be far scarier. Unfortunately for the attacking team, this Genji surprise contains both. With dragon blade in hand, he cuts right through the frontline and delivers a devastating five man kill.

4. McCree’s new job as an up close Widowmaker. 

Headshot after headshot, McCree’s skill with his revolver is unmatched. Unmissing instant kills would make you think it's high noon, but for the other team, the sun has long since set.

This clip should serve as a lesson for all aspiring McCree players: always aim for the head and save Fan The Hammer for the big targets.

5. Junkrat bursts the attacking team apart, then cleans up the stragglers.

Unawareness: the bane of quick play games everywhere, but a Junkrat’s best friend. By the time the attacking team sees the RIP Tire, it was too late. Junkrat may not have stopped the cap, but you can be sure he sent a strong message.

Keep this RIP Tire location in mind, as it allows the bomb to fly at high speeds from an unexpected angle onto the first point. It's hard to imagine a play like this possible starting from a different position 

6. Pro player Kraus takes Tracer to another level

This clip needs no explanation. During the Overwatch World Cup, Kraus uses a combination of stealth, accuracy, and relentless offense to destroy the enemy team. If this clip doesn't make you want to at least try and learn Tracer, I don't know what will. Keep in mind, this play is against team France who is the current favorites going into the World Cup. 

Keep an eye out for Kraus if he is capable of plays like this.

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