An in-depth guide to Innowin - The long-ranged sniper

Innowin is a long-ranged Kinetic Marksman in MXM who snipes at enemies from a safe distance. Her weapon is Nova, which deals 30% reduced damage to enemies within 5m. In order to intensify Innowin’s attack damage, you need to keep your distance over 5m from your targets. As for Innowin’s weapon attacks, you can charge them for additional damage, so keep charging if possible.

Innowin’s skill sets are balanced with both offensive damaging skills and defensive skills for survival. Her ult, Zeroing In, is Innowin’s main skill, which she can use even faraway from a target, inflicting great damage upon a successful hit. To play Innowin, you should work on her growth first, then use her weapon attacks and ult to play like a sniper.


▲ Innowin is a Kinetic Master specialized in long-ranged attacks.




▣ Just 30 seconds before the battle starts! Recommended Master options

◆ Recommended Augments

Innowin’s weapon augments enhance her charged weapon attacks. Charge Time/Knock Back will reduce the charging time, and add a knock back effect. This will help you push back your enemy and decrease the charging burden.

◆ Recommended Skill Combinations

The Energy Lance and Paralyzer skill combo has both firepower and some CC to help keep you alive. If you see enemies moving towards you in middle of attacking, use Paralyzer to bind their movement then move to a safer place.


This skill combo replaces Paralyzer with Explosive Escape, which can be good in situations where you are under attack from several enemies. Although in order to knock away your targets, you need to let them come near you, so I recommend using this skill combo once you’re familiar with playing Innowin.

◆ Node Compatibility

Innowin’s weapon attack takes up most of her damage. Choose Weapon Damage for Offensive Nodes to enhance her attack damage, or Health for more survivability. If your hit rate is rather high, then go for Skill Power to maximize your ult effect.

◆ Recommended Spell

Since Innowin will be mostly in the lane in Titan Ruins, Titan’s Protection is the best spell for her. She doesn’t have many skills that are actually helpful in managing lanes, which could lead to Guardian Towers being destroyed too soon. Use Titan’s Protection to hold out in the lane a little longer.

◆ Traits Priority

I recommend Weapon Damage and Critical Strike Chance to increase your weapon attack efficiency. Weapon Damage will increase the damage itself, granting you more damage per bullet. First, choose Weapon Damage, then after you’ve upgraded it to level 12, upgrade Critical Strike Chance.



▣ Long-range attack specialist with survival skills! Innowin’s Skill Set

Innowin’s first active skill is Energy Lance. After a few seconds of casting, this skill will discharge a line of energy, inflicting damage to all targets standing in the line of fire. This skill has the most powerful damage apart from Innowin’s ult. Since it has a short delay before the skill is cast, you should use it carefully. Always check your enemy position and use it by predicting where they will move to.

Using Shot Caller will stop the target from entering stealth for 5 seconds and increase the target’s chance of being critically struck. If an enemy under stealth gets hit with Shot Caller, they will leave stealth and won’t be able to use any stealth skills for next 5 seconds. If your opponent team has stealth Masters like Shizuka, this is a great skill for you to use.

Explosive Escape is a skill that boosts Innowin’s survivability. Using this skill will cause an explosion where Innowin is standing, launching her into the air. The enemies who were within the range of the explosion will take 525 damage (based on level 1) and be knocked away. This is the skill you will usually use when enemies are nearing you- use this skill to push enemies away from you and then use your survival skill to escape to a safer place. You won’t be dealt any damage when you’re up inthe air.


▲ Energy Lance is Innowin’s main offense skill.


Paralyzer is a skill that binds an enemy; Innowin shoots a projectile in a straight line,and anyone hit won’t be able to move for 2 seconds. Innowin will benefit from using this skill as she can poke from a distance, and hitting your target with this skill will prevent Innowin from getting caught up in melee fights. Upon upgrading to level 3, this skill will pierces several enemies so it will be a skill with very good CC when several enemies are clustered together.

Innowin’s ult, Zeroing In, makes Innowin a perfect long-ranged sniper. Upon using this skill, Innowin will enter stealth and a reticle appears, which will inflict 1,590 damage to the target if you successfully hit it. The reticle will follow your cursor, but since it is slow, you should aim carefully. When entering stealth, Innowin gains CC immunity and killing an enemy with her ult will restore some of Innowin’s ult gauge.

Innowin’s passive skill, Perfect Alignment, grants her increased critical hit rate by 33% whenever she hits an enemy. This helps enhance her weapon attack as she doesn’t have any attack skills other than her ult and Energy Lance. To maximize this advantage, it is better to hit the same target several times, although being conscious of this may cause you to deal less damage if you do not have enough experience. Innowin’s survival skill grants her a quick 3.6m long dash.


▲ Paralyzer is a skill that binds the target for 2 seconds.



▣ Poke at a distance and use your ult whenever you can! How to effectively play Innowin

The main rule of playing Innowin is keeping distance from your targets. Innowin may have skills that help her survive, but they should be only considered as a means of disabling your enemies for a short period of time. Her weapon. Nova, deals reduced damage to nearby enemies, so you need to keep your distance in order to inflict as much damage as possible.

This is why you must keep track of where your opponents are via the minimap. You need to carefully plan your route to prevent getting ambushed by your enemies even when you’re just moving around. Innowin is not particularly outstanding in melee fights; getting ambushed and allowing your enemies to get close to you will leave Innowin in a dire situation.

Never lose sight of your enemies, even when you’re engaged in fights. Both of Innowin’s offensive skills, Energy Lance and Zeroing In, have a short delay before they are actually activated. Taking time to aim perfectly could even result in letting your enemies creep near you. You may become immune to CC when using Zeroing In, but you could also be helpless when your enemies focus their attacks on you after that immunity disappears.

Innowin’s weapon attack can be charged- pressing LMB will show a charging gauge with an image of battery appearing under Innowin’s feet. It will be fully charged when all 3 slots of the battery fill up, allowing Innowin to inflict fair damage with her weapon attack. I recommend keeping your weapon attacks charged except in cases of emergency.


▲ Innowin’s weapon attacks can be charged, granting her increased attack damage.


Never save up your ult- Zeroing In has a 15 second cooldown, which is very short compared to other Master ults. Also, Innowin’s ult requires only one ult gauge and restores some upon killing a Master, leaving you with no reason to hesitate in using her ult. Thus, if you feel you could finish off opponent Masters with Zeroing In, or simply think you can deal some fair damage, feel free to use Innowin’s ult.

Innowin usually stays in the lane, poking at enemy Masters in Titan Ruins. Her default attack speed is not high, and she may be endangered when encountering enemies alone, so it is the best that she sticks with the Guardian Towers. Getting far away from the Guardian Towers in the lane could lead to enemy ambush so always aim for growth in a safe place, from a safe distance.


▲ Never hesitate to use Innowin’s ult, Zeroing In

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