Mondo Zax - a supporting specialist with taunt and cloak in MXM

Mondo Zax is a Kinetic type long-ranged Summoner. He summons various bots and support allies or deals damage to enemies. He needs to provide support from the back as most of his skills are not made for direct attacks.

His weapon attack can be charged and deals additional damage. It is recommended to charge up if you have ample time to do so while moving or before a fight begins. There is only one attack skill out of four active skills, therefore how you use the weapon attack is crucial.

His active skills summon mechanical bots. These bots possess their own effects, and provide benefits to Mondo Zax such as buffs while dealing damage to enemies as well. The bots can be destroyed by enemy Masters.

▲ Mondo Zax, a Kinetic type Summoner


Recommended Master options

Recommended Augments

You will use his weapon attack more frequently than his active skills, as those are mainly used to support allies. Therefore, Weapon Damage is a good choice in order to increase the weapon attack damage.

Recommended skill combinations

This is for dealing damage to the target through cloaking. The cloaking may affect allies as well, so you need to consider that before choosing this skill. This combination is recommended for those who are good at ambushing or initiating fights.

This is to increase stability during fights with Bruiser Bot’s taunt and Repair Bot’s shield. Bruiser Bot is commonly used for surviving in dire situations, but it can also be used for restricting enemy movement and dealing damage.


The importance of using skills for Mondo Zax is relatively greater than other Masters. You will need a considerable amount of mana if you constantly change the bots depending on circumstances, and the MP Per Second node may be a good choice to supplement this problem. In addition to that, movement speed nodes can be suitable under certain circumstances.

Recommended Auxiliary skill

Mondo Za does not have an active skill that he can use to escape from an enemy. Thus, it is safe to have Sprint for faster movement speed. This also helps when maneuvering bots and supporting allies.

Trait priority

This is solely for enhancing survivability. Mobility provides better movement, and remaining points should be distributed to Health. You should try to keep Mondo alive for as long as possible so he can continuously CC enemies and help allies.

Summary of Mondo Zax’s skills

The Master casts active skills with summoned mechanical bots. The bots are placed when the skills are casted and their effects change depending on what skill you use. When you cast a new skill, your present bot is destroyed and a new bot appears.

Prism Bot: Cloaking Field places a bot, creating a cloaking field for 1.5 seconds. The Master in the area will still be cloaked even when he/she is switched. It applies to not only Mondo Zax but everyone who is in the area, therefore it is effective in a situation where you attempt an ambush or hide from enemies. In addition, the skill periodically buffs Mondo’s weapon damage by 10% for 5 seconds.

Bruiser Bot: Blitz taunts nearby enemies for 3 seconds, and forcing them to attack the bot. Also, enemies within 15 meters from where the bot is get slowed by 30%. The passive effect also slows movement speed; enemies struck by Bruiser Bot are slowed for 1 second. The skill is used to delay enemies from dealing damage or to interrupt their movement during fights.

Artillery Bot: Barrage is the only skill aside from Mondo’s ult that deals damage to enemies. It fires 4 mortar shells at the target area, and they deal 320 damage. The bot keeps moving along with Mondo Zax, periodically firing mortar shells at enemies.

▲ You can cloak by using Prism Bot: Cloaking Field


Repair Bot: Shield Boost increases Mondo Zax’s survivability. The Master commands the bot to scuttle to the target area and grant a 250 point shield to nearby allies for 5 seconds. The skill periodically shields Mondo from 100 damage.

His ult is called Orbital Laser and can deal a whopping 680 damage. The skill fires the Dredgion’s laser system from the sky to the ground, and it slowly follows your cursor. However, it is not easy to hit moving targets as the laser moves very slowly. It needs 5 seconds of casting before activation.

His passive is called Hyper-Charged. After each skill use, Mondo’s next attack within 5 seconds deals additional damage. To maximize the effect, you need to use skills and the weapon attack in sequence, but be wary of how much mana you use. His survival skill is called Chua Barrel Roll and it causes the Master to quickly rocket away, and Mondo Zax cannot be targeted while the skill is active.

▲ His ult is called Orbital Laser


Using Mondo Zax - suitable for supporting from the backline

Mondo Zax is usually used for supporting from behind allies with his weapon attacks and skills. He has only one attack skill besides his ult, and therefore he is a Master that is lacking in damage. However, he is strong at controlling the flow of battle with his cloaking, shield, and taunt.

Use the passive and charging shot appropriately when you are about to attack. The longer you charge the weapon attack, the more damage you are able to deal.

You do not need to worry about the overheat as you’ll perform charging shots more often than the regular weapon attack. It does, however, require a certain amount of time to charge, so be wary of your timing. The passive increases the first weapon attack damage used within 5 seconds after a skill is used. Therefore, you need to get used to combining his weapon attack in between his skills when you play this Master.

▲ Mondo Zax can place a separate bot and engage in the fight


His active skills offer special effects to placed bots. Each effect performs different roles, so you need to understand the situation well and use the most appropriate skill. For example, Prism Bot: Cloaking Field is a good choice when you are preparing an ambush or would like to hide yourself or allies from enemies.

Bruiser Bot: Blitz and Repair Bot: Shield Boost are heavily dependent on proper placement. Bruiser Bot: Blitz taunts nearby enemies and decreases their movement speed. Therefore, it is important to place it in the middle of the enemy group. This can either intercept the enemy from escaping or approaching allies. Repair Bot: Shield Boost, on the other hand, needs to be placed in the middle of allies for maximum effect.

Even with the taunt and shield, Mondo Zax’s survivability is not that great. He can easily become exposed to enemy attacks without the survival skill due to his lack of mobility. Therefore, it is recommended to not approach enemies and support allies from the back using bots.

Use Prism Bot: Cloaking Field with the increased attack damage if you are leveled up quite well. If not, it is important to use the appropriate skills such as Repair Bot: Shield Boost to provide shields, or Bruiser Bot: Blitz to interrupt their movement, for supporting ally Masters depending on the circumstances.

▲ You need to be careful with where you would like to place Bruiser Bot: Blitz for taunting

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