Knights Fall Chapter 17 Video Guide


Note that the launch gauge in this guide may be different depending on the type of mobile device.

The objective is to save a train from incoming orcs.
There are five Orc chiefs which have high HP and ATK.
We have to focus on defeating these chiefs.
On the left-hand side, there are 3 cannons.
To activate these cannons, we have to put soldiers in.
These cannons are useful to defeat orcs.
When you defeat 5 generals, the Orc Chariot appears.
If you defeat the Chariot quickly, you score bonus points.
You need the bonus points to achieve ★3.
When the stage begins, set the gauge between 6 and 10.
Activate two canons before orcs approach.
When the Chief appears, adjust the angle and use charging soldiers to slay Orc Chiefs quickly to prevent Orc Chiefs from approaching the train.
When a bomb cart appears, set the gauge to around 5.
To activate the 3rd cannon, use the cart to bounce soldiers off.
After activated, destroy the Chariot as soon as possible.
If you destroy the Chariot by using the bomb cart, you will receive ★3 with bonus points!

Summary of Chap 17

Activate 3 cannons!
They are very useful to slaying orcs and the Chariot.
The required power gauge to activate cannons: 6 & 10, 5 with bomb cart

Focus on Orc Chiefs and prevent them from approaching the train.
The required power gauge to aim for 5 Orc Chiefs: 0 → 3 → 1 → 2 → 1

Do not cherish charging soldiers when you aim for the orc chief.

The fast clear is compulsory to acquire ★3 without the use of items.

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