In-depth MXM Master Guide to Jinsoyun, a fatal Skirmisher

Jinsoyun is an Ardent Skirmisher in MXM. She is a Melee character that uses a long sword as her main weapon.

Although she’s not the most powerful Melee Skirmisher, her crowd control skills allow her to dominate her enemies. Also, Jinsoyun has high mobility and is able to attack while moving.

Soul Blade, Jinsoyun’s passive skill, will make her skills more powerful depending on how many Soul Blades she has. The stack will decrease when she uses skills, and will be charged again when she uses auto attacks. It is important to keep a balance between auto attacks and skill attacks.


▲ Jinsoyun is a Master that eliminates enemies one by one while moving swiftly.


▣ Recommended Master Setting

◆ Weapon Upgrade

Jinsoyun must attack faster and hit more to charge Soul Blade faster. Upgrade Attack Speed to charge Soul Blade faster.

◆ Skill Combination

These skills are especially good in 1vs1 situations. Use Air Dash to quickly move behind a target and make him/her Airborne with Rising Blade.

Another combination good for 1vs1 situations. Use Chi Pull to pull the target towards you and make him/her Airborne with Rising Blade.

◆ Nodes

3 Offensive, 2 Defensive, and 1 Auxiliary Nodes. Use the Nodes that increase Weapon Damage, Critical Hit Chance, and Def. Penetration to make her ganking ability more powerful.

◆ Spell

Jinsoyun’s primary role is to gank enemies and kill them. Use Teleport to quickly move a designated spot and position yourself to attack your target.

◆ Traits

You should always choose Offensive Traits for Jinsoyun. Choose Weapon Damage and Penetration.


▣ Jinsoyun’s Skillset

Air Dash is a skill where Jinsoyun quickly dashes behind the target. While the skill does not do any damage, it can be used twice consecutively and will allow you to attack enemies from behind. You can also Slow them if you have 2 Soul Blades.

Rising Blade is a skill that will make the enemies Airborne and prevent them from being stealthed in bushes for 3 seconds. If you have 2 Soul Blades, an additional attack can be activated. The skill has good damage and is able to neutralize an enemy effectively, but has a short range so you might want to use this one after another skill.


Blade Rush is a skill where Jinsoyun dashes to a designated spot and inflicts damage. If you have 2 Soul Blades, any target hit be unable to move for 1 second. The skill can deal massive damage, but has a short delay before it lands and is a non-targeted skill, so it can be difficult to use.

Chi Pull is a skill that pulls an enemy towards you. If you have 2 Soul Blades and successfully hit an enemy, you will heal 15% of your HP. The skill can deal decent damage while pulling the enemy towards you, but also has a delay before it activates.


▲ Air Dash is a crowd control skill that can attack a targeted enemy.


Jinsoyun’s ultimate, Shock Blade, is an AoE skill that will Shock enemies that touch its lightning beams. The skill will create a triangle-shaped field on a designated spot, and the enemies who collide with the beams will be Shocked for 1 second. The field will disappear after 5 seconds.

The range of where you can create the field is short, but the area of effect is very large. However, it is only the beams that stun enemies, so if an enemy has enough control of their Master, they could stay in the middle of the ult and not get stunned. You could use the ult to isolate an enemy in the center if you don’t think you can accurately line up the lightning beams, but just be certain that you can take them down without the stun. Blade Rush, Chi Pull, and Rising Blade are all good skills to use after Shock Blade.

Soul Blade, Jinsoyun’s passive skill, is a resource that will be spent when she uses her skills and give additional effects to the skills. Soul Blade can be charged up to 5 stacks. 2 auto attacks or dodging enemy attacks will charge one Soul Blade.

Guardian Force is a survival skill where Jinsoyun becomes invincible for 0.5 second and deflects enemy projectiles. If she successfully avoids damage by using the ability, her movement speed will increase by 15% for 2 seconds.


▲ Shock Blade is an AoE skill that will Shock enemies that touch its lightning beams.


▣ Advanced Tips: How to eliminate an enemy as Jinsoyun

Jinsoyun’s reach is relatively short so it is hard for her to fight an enemy face to face, but she has excellent capability when it comes to ganking. She can chase her targets with her mobility skills and eliminate them with her crowd control and damage dealing skills.

You should play sneaky and try to gank enemies rather than fight them face to face in lanes. You will be roaming around the map a lot, so kill some neutral monsters if you can. Charge your Soul Blade to max stacks before ganking enemies.

When you see an enemy alone, prepare to attack. Use Teleport or Sprint to quickly approach the enemy.

Do not be too obvious and hide in bushes or behind obstacles and such. Ganking usually starts with Air Dash, and then Rising Blade or Shock Blade will follow. Use crowd control skills on your target to kill them more easily.

Chi Pull works better when your teammates can connect their skills, or when there is some distance between you and the enemies. Chi Pull will allow you to play safer as the skill will pull the target towards you while the other skills make you dash towards the enemies, leaving you surrounded by them.


▲ Chi Pull will allow you to play safer as the skill will pull the target towards you.

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