SSG Ruler: "CoreJJ takes care of me outside the game. He is like a big brother to me"

Ruler shares his opinions on CoreJJ

On July 11th(KST), on the 2nd series of the day, 'Samsung Galaxy' and 'Ever8 Winners' brawled it out on top the stage of OGN. Although SSG struggled in the 1st set, they overcame their opposers to win the series with a score of 2:0. In the two games won, the botlane of the team, Ruler and CoreJJ, won the title of MVP.

You guys made a big comeback in the first game played. How do you feel?

Ruler: Although we won our 1st set, I still feel uncomfortable as the game didn't go out as smoothly as we hoped. But I am satisfied in our 2nd win, as it was clean.

CoreJJ: It's been awhile since we played in the LCK. And winning 2:0 felt really good. This is the first time for me doing an MVP interview for 'SPOTV', and it honestly feels like a brand new experience. I was growing jealous because a lot of other support players have been receiving the MVP title recently. Well, I am no longer jealous.

What kind of feedback did you receive from the staff after the 1st set?

Ruler: The staff simply pointed out our mistakes and told us to do better.

On the 2nd set, one of you blocked the lantern passage from Thresh with a ward. Whose ward was it?

Ruler: It was of course mine.

The synergy between you two was especially good today.

CoreJJ: Ruler is a very kind person. So it is easy to talk to him and work in cohesion.

(To Ruler) What kind of a player is CoreJJ?

Ruler: He is like a big brother who always gives great feedback in games, and he even takes care of me well outside of the game.

(To CoreJJ) What kind of feedback will you give Ruler today?

CoreJJ: He refined his plays today by making fewer mistakes. I will tell him that he did well.

The Samsung botlane really stood out today. What do you think is the reason?

Ruler: Our teamwork has actually been bad recently. But we really showed up today.

CoreJJ: We give up many things during a game. But at the same time, we don't give up everything. This allows us to make frequent comebacks.

Any last words?

Ruler: Please take care of yourselves as the weather is getting really hot nowadays. And thank you for cheering for us. 

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