LZ Khan: "The nerf of other toplane champions made Jax significantly strong."

'Khan' solokills his opposing laner, 'ADD', more than enough times with Jax

On the 11th of July(KST), 'Longzhu Gaming' and 'MVP' clashed on top the stage of OGN. Despite the first set being taken by MVP, LZ completely turned the series around with a reverse sweep. Although all the players of LZ showed great performance, GorillA and Khan received the title of MVP for game 2 and 3 for the massive impact they brought to those games. And after the players climbed down from the stage after the series, the two MVPs were invited for an interview.

"My physical and mental conditions weren't up to par today." As soon as the interview started, GorillA revealed that he wasn't in his best condition for today's series. But despite his apparent sickness, it's quite a feat that GorillA made the biggest impact on game 2. 

If you have been watching the 2nd set, you might've seen GorillA laughing when he saw the opposing support pick Sona. "I already knew that Max likes to pick odd champions, but the Sona pick really caught me off-guard." Then, GorillA was asked for the reason of his team picking 4 DPS champions on set 2 with no dedicated tank. "Although we lost the 1st set, our team had confidence that we would win the 2nd game if we chose champions that we were confident in." 

The interviewer then asked GorillA for his opinion on the new patch. "Khan is very great on Jax. As the champion is growing popular, my expectations on Khan is also growing." On set 3, Khan completely dominated the game; dishing out the most amount of damage over all the other champions. GorillA then added, "We had a very good start from the beginning of the game. But because of the nature of the game where comebacks often occur, I had to constantly tell Khan to calm himself."

▲ Khan's Jax dealt an insane amount of damage in game 3

As the interviewer moved on to Khan, Khan added onto GorillA's previous statement. "I play without looking back. When I fail, I fail hard, and when I carry, I carry hard... But usually, I tend to follow up on the latter. I will show less failure next time and improve my playstyle." Then, Khan was asked for his opinion on the current state of Jax. "He has been buffed recently with lots of other top champions nerfed. So in a way, Jax has been buffed significantly." Khan was also asked to describe his Jayce on the 2nd game. "My Jayce has a strong laning phase..." Then GorillA added, "I like that confidence."

As the interview neared its end, GorillA told the fans that he will recover from his sickness to show great performance on Thursday, the day of LZ's series against 'bbq'. Khan also thanked his fans, "We always appreciate your support. And remember, the more you guys cheer for us, the more excited we get and perform."

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