Path of Shadows, teaser released for League's first permanent transform champion, Kayn

League of Legends 137th champion, Kayn’s teaser titled “The Path of Shadows” was unveiled today. The video showcases his two transformations: Shadow Assassin and Darkin.

Kayn is the first-ever champion in League with a permanent transformation depending on whether he damaged more ranged or melee champions. His lore depicts his Darkin Scythe having an alternate identity, looking to possess Kayn at any given chance, and it’s up to the player to contain Rhaast to be come Shadow Assassin or to hand himself over to Rhaast to become Darkin. Kayn’s role and skill effects change according to which transformation he chooses.

He is Noxian by birth and works under Zed, the leader of the Order of the Shadow. He is initially ordered to destroy the Darkin weapon to prevent further harm on Ionia but embraces Darkin Scythe as his choice of weapon instead. Using his Shadow Step to traverse over wall, people expect him to be a jungler. However, powerful Darkin form’s sustain (life steal on skill hit) may allow him to be a viable top laner as well.

With the addition of the Shadow Reaper, there is a total of three champions that wield Darkin weapons: Aatrox, who is completely engulfed by his Darkin weapon, and Varus, who uses a Darkin weapon while keeping his humanity. It was speculated that Varus was drawing power from a Darkin weapon, but now it’s confirmed that he does use one, thanks to the interaction quotes with Kayn.

Right now, only general information regarding Kayn’s skillset and base stats were revealed, and his official release date has not been announced.

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