EDG Meiko: "I wasn't crying... I was just rubbing my eyes."

LPL starts off with a win against LCK thanks to EDG's stellar performance

On July 9th(KST), on the finals of the 'Red Rift', the first game featured 'EDward Gaming' and 'Samsung Galaxy'. The two teams battled it out for the pride of their region. But in the end, EDG took the game off of SSG. After the game, as the players climbed down from the stage, 'Meiko', the support player for EDG, was greeted for an interview. 

The first LPL team to play in the finals was EDG. The interviewer asked Meiko if he felt pressure. "Of course. And for the fans, I am sincerely sorry for performing so badly yesterday. But today, we definitely showed up and made a comeback."  Then, the interviewer asked Meiko on how EDG shaped up for today's game despite their bad performance yesterday. "Our team was lacking confidence yesterday. But today, we showed up with lots of them." 

Yesterday, on an interview done on all of the players of EDG, the lot of them stated that they wanted to take down SSG over any other team in the LCK. They wanted revenge against them and wanted to settle the score. "It feels really great that we got our revenge." Also, there were pictures of Meiko on the internet that gave the idea that he cried when EDG lost yesterday. Regarding this, Meiko commented, "I wasn't crying... I was just rubbing my eyes." 

During the game with SSG, EDG stacked constant kills against their enemy. But despite the lead in the kill score, the gold differential was pretty even throughout the early game. On this subject, Meiko said, "Although we had many kills, we were running into problems because the enemy tower in the midlane stayed up for too long. We also couldn't take full advantage of our lead due to Kled constantly losing to Renekton 1 on 1." The interviewer also praised the ADC of the team, Zet, for his no less than stellar performance on Kalista. But Meiko mentioned, "Our entire team performed well, not just our ADC."

Meiko also showed no hesitation in burning his flash for engaging fights. The interviewer asked him why he was so devoted to his game against SSG. "It was the first game of the finals. I felt a lot of pressure because I wanted LPL to start off with a win against LCK." 

As the interview was nearing its end, the interviewer gave Meiko an opportunity to say a word to the remaining LPL teams. "I truly hope all of you guys perform well," said Meiko.

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