WE Mystic on Playing With Zero: "Ben lost his passport..."

Mystic shares the reason why the team is playing with Zero in place of Ben in the 'Rift Rivals'.

On July 8th(KST), team 'World Elite' took down the 'Flash Wolves' in the semifinals. Thanks to this win, LPL will now qualify for the finals to go against LCK on July 9th.

On the game between WE and FW, WE's ADC, Mystic, showed stellar performance on Kogmaw, despite the enemies' team composition being built to give him a hard time. This wasn't the only time Mystic played so well, hence the reason LCK teams rate WE's botlane so highly. And as the players finished their games, we got the chance to get a hold of the Mystic for an interview.

How do you feel after the win against FW?

I was gloomy at first because we lost both of our games yesterday. But today, we won both our sets, so it feels good.

Many players and fans rate WE's botlane very highly. What do you think about that?

Of course it feels good receiving a compliment, but I don't think we really play in a strong and aggressive style. 

Related to the previous question - did you know that SKT players rate WE's botlane as a very strong lane?

It feels really good hearing that from such good players.

Any words regarding the matches tomorrow?

I don't know who we will be facing. But I will do my absolute best.

A botlane that you want to personally face tomorrow?

I don't really have a specific lane that I want to face. All of the LCK botlanes are very strong, so I think I will learn a lot, regardless of whom I face. 

What is the reason for playing with Zero instead of Ben? 

We actually practiced all of our scrims with Ben. But the guy lost his passport... And we were notified of it the day we got on the plane. Everyone on the team, including Zero and I, were very thrown back because of this incident. 

A word to your fans in Korea?

Although I am playing in China, I am very thankful that I still have fans that remember me and cheer for me in Korea. I will continue to do my best and show good performance. 

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