Pre-finals interview with LCK coaches: "We expect to win 3-0."

LCK coaches unanimously predicted that LCK will win the finals 3-0

June 10th (HKT) will be the day when the best of LCK and the best of LPL will face off in the finals of Rift Rivals Red. Although LPL was knocked off the semifinals after the first two days, they defeated LMS in the semifinals after a close 3-2 match. While LCK coaches gave credit to LPL for showing better performance in the semifinals than the group stage, their prediction was clear and unanimous: LCK will win 3-0.

How was the semifinals match between LPL and LMS?

SKT cCarter: I enjoyed watching today's match. I think [LPL] won the semifinals because they played better than the last two day. We'll make sure that we stay sharp and prepare well for tomorrow.

KT Jihoon Lee: We knew how well LPL could play from scrims, so I knew they'd play better in the semi finals. While ahq managed to drag today's match into a full set, we won't consider LPL any less than what we thought of them, and keep practicing hard for tomorrow.

SSG Edgar: I enjoyed today's match. LPL played stronger than yesterday. I feel a bit of pressure because we'll be playing first tomorrow, but we'll do our best to win and let other teams feel less pressure.

MVP Jaehwan Kwon: LPL was much stronger than yesterday. Since their mechanics are great to begin with, I guess that showed as the tournament went on. We'll have to do our best and show a good performance tomrrow.

Do you have a team that you want to face in the finals?

cCarter: I wanted us to face EDG but that's out of question. Since we've fought against WE in MSI, I guess that leaves RNG or OMG.

Lee: I wanted to go against EDG because I thought it might be fun with how Deft and PawN used to be with them. However, Deft didn't want to go against EDG. I guess there's some weird dynamics at work. Now that it's confirmed that we won't face EDG, I don't have any preferences.

Edgar: I don't have any preferences, but we'll focus on EDG because we'll be facing them for sure.

Kwon: I don't know who we'll face, but we want a revenge match against OMG.

What are your predictions for tomorrow?

cCarter: LCK will win 3-0.

Kwon: 3-0 for LCK.

Lee: SSG is playing first because we expect to win 3-0.

Edgar: We've been preparing with 3-0 in mind.

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