How to Take Down an LCK Team: "Snowball before 20 minutes"

On the semifinals of the 'Red Rift', LPL had the last laugh.

Going against LMS, the LPL teams landed a 3:2 score before finally taking the win. The coaches of LPL commented, "I thought LPL was more ahead of LMS since years ago... But despite my expectations, LMS really improved a lot." He then corrected his bias as he rated the LMS teams much stronger than he had believed before. Especially on the 3rd set, EDG lost to ahq while showcasing rather poor performances. On account of this, EDG's head coach, 'Nofe', commented, "EDG as a whole showed very poor performances today. I really want to apologize to the fans." 

Putting all of this behind, LPL now has to prepare for the finals against LCK. Looking at the situation objectively, there is no doubt in which region is stronger - as Korea has a history of international dominance. But despite the odds against them, the coaches of LPL seemed confident and willing to win.

On the popular question of: "What is a strategy that a team can utilize to take down an LCK team?" Meiko, the support for EDG, responded, "We will have to make fewer missteps. And if possible, we have to get a snowball rolling as soon as possible; preferably before 20 minutes." He said that for LPL to have a chance against Koreans, they will have to build a big early lead. WE and OMG further added, "Communications between the laners are important," and "We have to maintain our physical and mental conditions." RNG also shared that LCK's strengths come from vision control. "We will have to make sure we don't completely lose the vision war."

The LPL teams were asked what team they want to face in the finals. Most of them picked out SKT T1. LPL players were not exactly hoping for a win, but rather a chance to play with the best team to learn from them. EDG, on the other hand, wanted to go against Samsung Galaxy for a revenge match. And as they wished, they received, as the 1st match of the finals will be EDG facing off against SSG.

Many upsets occur in the competitive scene of League of Legends, especially in short tournaments like this. On July 9th(KST), the games between LPL and LCK will commence on top the stages of the Red Rift; and we will await in anticipation for brand new strategies and tactics that LPL will bring to the table for their final clash against LCK. 

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