FW Maple: "I want to defeat all LPL teams that we face"

FW Maple doesn't want to lose against LPL teams at all.

On July 8th (HKT), LMS's Flash Wolves evened the semifinals to 1-1 after defeating LPL's OMG in the third day of Rift Rivals Red. Yi-tang "Maple" Huang showed an impressive performance throughout the game and led the team to victory without dying once in the match.

When asked about the Rift Rivals, Maple answered with a wish that he had coming into the tournament. "I think Rift Rivals will be a good chance for me to show my true skill, because I haven't done well in the MSI 2017. I've prepared enough to do well this time."

Flash Wolves is known for their strength against strong teams, especially against LCK teams. Maple explained that it might be because they don't feel pressured when facing strong enemies. "Because LCK teams are very strong, we actually don't feel any pressure when going up against them. We just try to do our best and that actually turns out for the best. We'll be facing LPL teams today, and I want to defeat all LPL teams that we face because we haven't been doing great against LPL teams."

Although Karsa was recently benched for showing 'unsportsmanlike conduct', Maple still showed a strong bond and trust towards the team's jungler. "Karsa had to be benched for an unfortunate reason, but he is a well-spoken shotcaller with strong leadership. I get to play with more variety of mid lane champions all thanks to the teamwork between Karsa and me."

Finally, when asked where he'd like to go when given a chance to play overseas, Maple clarified that he wouldn't go anywhere else, but he'd choose NA LCS if he had to. "I don't want to play in an overseas league, but if I had to choose, I want to go to NA LCS. I'll get to learn English and meet more people in a bigger world."

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