Nedien, the poisonous specialist of harassment and dogfighting in MXM

Nedien is a Kinetic-type melee Juggernaut. This Master uses poison to deal damage to enemies and also recover her HP.

Nedien is an aggressive Juggernaut. Her playstyle involves poisoning nearby enemies and is quite effective in teamfights. Her ult in particular is quite strong, as it increases both her attack speed and movement speed.

On the other hand, her defense is not that reliable. Nedien’s passive skill supplements this disadvantage through HP recovery. She can also dish out a number of debuffs, slowing enemies or restricting weapon attacks to give her outstanding performance in teamfights.

▲ Nedien is a Master that fights using poison


Recommended Master options

Recommended Augments

Nedien can poison enemies with her weapon attack and recover her HP. Attack Speed would boost this effect and allow you to proc it more frequently.

Recommended skills combination

This is a combination specialized in the close combat. This is highly effective in teamfights and also provides a slight mobility boost.

This is a combination specialized in harassment. You can intercept an enemy’s path or gradually whittle away at an enemy’s HP.


Nedien’s nodes consist of 2 attack, 2 defense, and 2 auxiliary nodes. Weapon Damage, Health, or Mana are useful nodes for this Master.

Recommended Auxiliary skill

Even though Nedien is quite good at close combat, she does not have the mobility required to stay close to targets. That is why Sprint is needed in order to increase her mobility when needed.

Traits priority

Health is a good choice as it increases the amount of HP recovered via Nedien’s passive. Mobility can supplement Nedien’s poor mobility.

Summary of Nedien’s skills

Bottled Miasma is a skill that drops bottles of poison every second at Nedien’s position that emit a poisonous vapor. The skill is a toggled skill, so Nedien will drop bottles for as long as the skill is active and she has enough mana. The poison stacks Creeping Venom on enemies and also gives them a debuff that decreases defense by 20% for 2 seconds. You can use other skills and attack while Bottle Miasma is active, so cast this first before you get into a fight. This skill does very well in close combat, and can also be used to discourage chasing enemies or block off unsuspecting foes.

Toxin Toss throws a bottle of toxic fumes at a target area. The range and the AoE are longer and bigger than Bottled Miasma. The enemies in the area are slowed by 30% for 1.5 seconds. Due to the long range, Nedien can use this skill to attack those that are difficult to hit such as long-ranged enemies.

Crippling Slingblades summons 3 poison-coated blades that revolve around Nedien and then fling to enemies like projectiles on each recast. Each blade reduces movement speed by 10/20/30% on the first, second, and third blade respectively.

Vitriolic Rush allows Nedien to charge to a target area. The enemies around it are restricted from using weapon attacks for a second. You can approach the enemy first and use this skill with Bottled Miasma.

▲ Bottled Miasma reduces enemy defense and can discourage the enemy advance


Neiden’s ult, Blade Frenzy, greatly increases the Master’s attack speed and movement speed for 7 seconds. Moreover, it adds Neutralizing Poison whenever Creeping Venom’s stacks are triggered, reducing weapon damage and skill power by 20%. The biggest merit is the increased attack speed, as you can receive the effect of the passive skill more frequently, increasing weapon damage and the amount of HP recovery altogether as a result.

The passive skill called Creeping Venom is Nedien’s core skill. It emits venom upon using a skill and on every third weapon attack. At 3 stacks, the venom inflicts a burst of damage and restores 4% of Nedien’s maximum HP. The skill is considered an all-round passive skill that works both as an offensive and defensive skill, and is the main reason why Nedien should focus on increasing attack speed.

Upon using her survival skill, Skitter, Nedien quickly skitters 6 meters. While skittering, the Master is immune to CC effects.

▲ Although you may not have many chances to use her ult, it can have a big impact on the battle


Using Nedien - harass enemies and provoke teamfights

Nedien is a Juggernaut who is not suitable for hunting minions or neutral monsters. For that, you would do better to use a different Master in general situations and switch to Nedien when you are against more than 2 enemies.

Nedien usually engages in a fight by dropping a number of bottles to debuff the enemy. While dealing damage, the poison bottles can also help scatter the enemy as they try to avoid them.

Her skills produce great results during teamfights in particular. Although her damage is not that high, her abilities are effective against a number of enemies and the debuff effects are excellent. The combination of Bottled Miasma followed by Vitriolic Rush is commonly used, and Toxic Toss can also be used for an AoE attack.

It is difficult to determine the right timing to use her ult as Nedien does not have any CC skills. The ult is too formidable to not use though, so it is recommended to use a tagged Master with a CC skill, or receive aid from teammates in order to create an opportunity to use Nedien’s ult to obliterate the enemy.

▲ Nedien show great capability, especially in teamfights

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