MVP Max: "The Max now, is different to the Max that played in Taiwan."

July 7th(KST), on the 2nd day of the 'Red Rift', MVP came out as the victor against 'Machi 17'. Known to have scrimmed against one another for practice long ago, the two teams have met each other on top an international stage. As the players of MVP climbed down from the stage after their convincing victory, they are greeted by the press for an interview.

(To Head Coach Kwon) How do you feel after your victory?

The players were low in confidence. Eventually, their lack of confidence started affecting their performance, and I scolded them for it. We then started working on gaining that lost confidence back by practicing in methods that the players preferred. They ended up doing a lot better and I am glad.

(To ADD) You went up against one of the best toplaners in Taiwan. If you are to go back in time, how would you have avoided the solo kill that '3z' got on you?

Our botlane wasn't making the most optimal decisions. If I could go back in time, I would've just spent my time pushing toplane. I also died because I wasn't paying attention to the possibility of the Jarvan ult.

(To All) Amongst all the teams in Asia, who do you think is the best player for each role?

ADD: All of the LCK toplaners here are strong. I also came to the 'Rift Rivals' fully expecting myself to defeat the other regions' toplaners.

Beyond: KT Score.

Ian: SKT Faker is the best.

MaHa: SKT Bang.

Max: SKT Wolf is the best. As a support, you have to be good in team fighting, roaming, and laning. Wolf does all three perfectly.

(To Max) Compared to LCK, how does it feel playing here with LPL and LMS teams?

LCK and LMS teams have completely different playstyles. It was actually really interesting playing against a different meta. It also felt very cool playing inside an open booth as I can hear the fans cheering for us. Playing against teams from other regions is just really fun.

(To MaHa) You are known as a Tristana main. How did you feel when the enemy took her?

As I have played a lot of Tristana, I learned that she is very good against Kalista. I also believe that M17 did a great job for picking her up. But then, Rakan is also great for playing against Tristana, so it ended up okay.

(To Max) You stayed in Taiwan for about a month last year. You showed poor performance during your time here. Is there anything you want to say to your Taiwanese fans here?

When I used to play in Taiwan, I was a terrible player. Now that I am playing for MVP, I grew as a player. The Max that was here a year ago, and the Max that is here now, are two completely different people. 

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