An in-depth MXM guide to Koom - The trusty tank with solid shields

Koom is an Ardent melee Juggernaut. His weapon is Guardian’s Fragments, which are shards of ore that are fired through magnetic fields in his hands. The weapon does not overheat despite the continuous use of weapon attacks.

His survival stats are very high, and all his skills are connected to survivability. His skills can create various. and his passive skill, Unstoppable Will, lets him recover HP even when he is engaged in battle.

On the other hand, his attack damage is very poor as his active skills do not inflict much damage, leaving him only with his weapon attacks to bring down his enemies’ health. This is why it is a good idea to play Koom with Sizuka, an Assassin with great melee attacking abilities.


▲ Koom has dismal attack damage, although his defense is excellent.



▣ Just 30 seconds before the battle starts! Recommended Master options

◆ Recommended Augments

Koom is dependant on his weapon attacks for most of his damage, which is why you should choose Attack Speed to enhance his DPS even if it is only by a small amount.

◆ Recommended Skill Combinations

This is a simple, defensive skill combo- use Runeslab Barricade and Magnetic Barrier to protect your allies from enemy attacks.


This skill combo lets you attack more actively. Protect your allies as you charge into the battle field, and use Runeslab Barricade to block your enemies’ attack and to cut off their path.

◆ Node Compatibility

Koom’s Nodes are made up of 1 Offensive, 4 Defensive, and 1 Auxiliary Nodes. Since Koom is a Master with intense defense, it is important to enhance that with Health or Defense options. Also, in order to maximize Koom’s passive skill, use Skill Cooldown Reduction Nodes.

◆ Recommended Spell

Since it’s important keep track of what’s happening, I recommend having vision control via Titan’s Gaze. Other than Titan’s Gaze, you can also use Titan’s Protection to strengthen your base defense, or use Recovery Pulse to be nearly invincible!

◆ Traits Priority

I recommend investing Trait points in Skill Defense to enhance your survivability in team fights, where all kinds of life-threatening skills are used. Also, investing in Cooldown/Resources will maximize your passive skill’s effect.



▣ The absolute defense! Koom’s Skill Set

Magnetic Barrier creates a shield in front of Koom that blocks enemy projectiles for 4 seconds, and increases movespeed for 3 seconds by 20%. The conjured shield follows Koom, but you cannot change the direction of the shield. You’ll be able to protect your allies against enemy projectiles, but you cannot protect them from AoE skills.

Runeslab Barricade is a skill that forms a wall of stones on the target area. This wall can block enemy attacks, obstruct their movement, and forces enemy minions to attack it. This skill is most commonly used to protect allies, but it can also be used offensively by blocking your enemies’ path.

Unstable Shell is a skill that creates a shield on Koom for a certain period of time, and the shield detonates if destroyed or when the duration runs out, inflicting damage to those around Koom. It deals additional damage based on the damage the shield absorbed before detonation. Since the shield persists even after you tag out, you can use this skill then switch to another Masters like Sizuka.

Crashing Defense is a skill that causes Koom to charge to a target area, shielding himself and allies within range after the charge. You’ll be using this skill to either protect your allies who are a slight distance away from you, or to charge into enemies. Though it is a mobility skill that can be used to initiate teamfights, it can be a bit slow and doesn’t have any offensive benefits.


▲ You can use Crashing Defense to quickly move to the target area.


Using Koom’s ult, Impervious Stone, makes him undying for 4 seconds, although his HP will keep decreasing if attacked. After his ult, he recovers 20% of his maximum HP, and more if he has taken a lot of damage within the duration of his ult.

It’s best to use your ult when your allies are around you, so that you can avert enemy aggro, giving allies a chance to retaliate. You can also use it to survive an enemy ambush or strong burst damage.

Koom’s passive skill, Unstoppable Will, causes him to gain Will (his skill resource) every time he deal or takes damage. Since his Will gradually goes away, you have to stay in combat or battle some minions/monsters before a big fight if you want to use all his skills. His passive also makes him recover 3% of his total HP and grants him 1 second of CC immunity when he uses a skill. Koom’s survival skill, Granite Sheath, grants him a shield that absorbs 400 damage, gives him 15% increased movespeed, and also restores 20 Will. This skill isn’t good enough to use in critical situations so it’s better to keep using it once in awhile when battling.


▲ Using Koom’s ult just keeps him from dying, and his HP will keep decreasing if under attack.



▣ Always be the shield for your allies! How to effectively play Koom

Since Koom doesn’t have high offensive ability, he will fall behind in growth if you use him as your main Master. That is why you should play as your other tagged Master, then switch to Koom when team fights happen.

Be sure to know when you have to take charge. If a team fight is about to happen or both teams are contesting an important objective, you should be the one to lead your teams advance. Always remember that all skills except Unstable Shell provide shields to both you and your allies, and the survival of your allies comes before your own.

Koom’s skill set and gameplay is fairly simple, although it’s hard to manage your skills at times since you must keep yourself and your allies alive. Let’s take Magnetic Barrier for example; you need to keep track of where your allies are fighting on the map. You will also need to decide which attacks you need to block.


▲ Always keep track of what’s happening by looking at the minimap constantly.


When a team fight breaks out, try using Crashing Defense to charge into your enemies, then Runeslab Barricade to obstruct enemy movement. The stone wall disappear rather quickly, so it’s important to have your teammate follow up on this combo in order to get the most out of it.

Other than that, Koom doesn’t have any skill combos that you can actually consider as skill combos. Just aim for protecting your allies with your skills depending on the situation rather than going for flashy skill combos. Of course, saving your active skills too much won’t help you at all since you won’t be able to gain the effect of your passive skill.

Koom’s ult is very effective, but your allies tend to die before Koom does, so it’s hard to find the the right time to use his ult. Unless it’s an emergency, just save your ult gauge for your other Master.


▲ Runslab Barricade can defend you from an enemy’s attack and hinder their path at the same time.

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