SKT Kkoma: "I wanted to bring them all. I wish the limitation for subs would be lifted"

SKT T1 members share their favorite food in Taiwan, and Kkoma is disappointed that he couldn't bring all of his players.

On July 6th, the 'Red Rift' officially opened. As the favored team to win the whole tournament, SKT took their first step towards winning the whole thing as they defeated the 'Flash Wolves'. Once they stepped down, they were greeted by the press for an interview.

(To All) Which team do you believe is the strongest in the 'Red Rift'?

Huni: For now I can't really tell. Once I get a chance to play against all of them, then I might get an idea. But even then, it's an international tournament where we are pitted against other regions in a BO1, so it will be hard to tell.

Peanut: I personally think WE and FW are the strongest here. But since we beat FW, I think we can play more relaxed for the rest of the event.

Wolf: Because this tournament brought the top 4 teams from each region, they are all strong. But if I had to pick 1, it will be WE because I think their botlane is very strong.

Bang: I think Samsung and KT are the strongest.

Faker: I think SKT T1 is the strongest. And because they used to struggle against KT, KT probably comes as the 2nd strongest.

Blank: The teams from the LCK are the strongest

KKoma: As we watched the games today, we saw how strong Taiwan is. I personally think we got lucky when we took down FW today.  

(To Wolf) You uploaded a lot of pictures of food. Which one of them was your favorite?

Those are probably the pictures from the marketplace here. I enjoyed eating tripe kebab the most.

(To All) Which Taiwanese food did you enjoy the most?

Huni: I really like the 'Din Tai Fung' restaurant here. I also enjoyed the beef stew noodles and soup dumplings.

Peanut: I really had a blast eating 'Din Tai Fung' hot pot.

Wolf: Everything tasted delicious when I went to the market with our coach. Maybe it's because the weather is too hot.

Bang: The beef stew noodles tasted the best.

Faker: I didn't get a chance to try out too many Taiwanese dishes, but the ones I did were all delicious. The bubble teas and the hot pots were unique and delicious.

Blank: The 'Flash Wolves' gave us some pineapple cakes, and it was really good.

Kkoma: I actually really enjoy Taiwanese food in general. They are all delicious.

(To All) You guys are going against WE tomorrow with Zero on their roster. What do you think about this? Also, to Blank, what did you say to 'mlxg' when you met him?

Wolf: We played against 'Zero' during MSI. I personally believe he is a very talented player. Just because he was swapped out before doesn't mean he is bad. I think it will come down to countering picks and teamfighting.

Bang: He was a really good player back during MSI. It will be very interesting to play against him again.

Blank: We just shared a few words, nothing too important.

(To Kkoma) You picked Kalista during the 'Ban/Pick Phase'. Why pick the botlane duo the way you did? 

Regarding picks, you have to practice hours and hours beforehand before actually deciding on what champion to play. Through countless amounts of trial and error, we decided to pick it up for playing it onstage. It is important to talk to the players before forcing them on a champion.

Unlike for Worlds and MSI, the other teams from Korea came as allies instead of foes. How is the atmosphere behind that?

Although we came from the same region, we will play against each other back home for LCK. There is also nothing special; we just say hi to each other when we pass by.

There are many other subs in SKT. Why did you bring Blank?

I wanted to bring them all. But because the entry was limited to 6, I had no choice. Next time, I wish the limitation would be lifted.

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