SKT Huni: "I vowed that I'll crush Flash Wolves today."


SKT Huni was out for blood after his loss against Flash Wolves in MSI 2017.

On July 6th (HKT), the first day of the Rift Rivals Red Rift concluded as SK Telecom T1 defeated Flash Wolves in the last match of the day. Seunghoon "Huni" Choi was back in shape once again and tore through Flash Wolves' rank with Jax. After the match, Huni was interviewed on air by SpoTV for thoughts and comments.

I was surprised that you've picked Jax today.

I picked it because it's getting more popular nowadays. The game had plenty of top lane bans, so it was easier to play Jax; and I had a lot of fun playing Jax in both scrims and SoloQs, so I had fun with The Mighty Jax today.

Does Jax suit your playstyle?

It suits my aggressive playstyle, but I wish it could win 2-on-1 skirmishes too.

Would it be possible to see Jax in LCK as well?

Of course. His buff on Empowered Strike and Rumble being nerfed made Jax much more viable than before.

You've lost against Flash Wolves before , what was your resolve going into the match?

I swore that we'd win no matter what before going into the match. I was the reason why we had lost that game in the MSI group stage, so I vowed that I'll crush them today.

You had to wait for a long time to play your match today.

We had to wait for almost 7 hours from the opening ceremony until the last match of the day. I'm sure my family thought I would be dead by the end. Instead, we went for predicting teams' picks and bans while we were waiting. Since most teams had similar drafts, it was pretty useful to be watching those matches. So, we spend our time watching matches.

You've previously mentioned wanting to eat dim sum and pineapple cake while you are in Taiwan.

You can't miss out on eating them if you visit Taiwan. I went through 25-minute commute to get dim sum, and I've already tried pineapple cake too. I think I'll go for mango shaved ice next.

You'll be facing Team WE tomorrow. What is your resolve going into the match?

Like FW, Team WE also got a win from us in MSI Group Stage. I'll make sure to be thoroughly prepared. Our goal is to win the tournament, and make LCK proud. Please cheer for us.

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