Faker on Flash Wolves: "When playing against them, I felt as if I was facing a Korean team."

Faker rates the 'Flash Wolves' to be of the same caliber as any LCK team.

July 6th(KST), in the final game of the 1st day in the 'Red Rift', SKT clashes against 'Flash Wolves'. Just as they did in MSI 2017, SKT proved their mettle once again by taking out the notorious "Korean Killers" convincingly. As the players shook hands and walked down from the stage, Faker was greeted by hundreds of cheering Taiwanese fans and his family. As the famed best player in the world, Faker was approached by an interviewer for his thoughts on the previous game.

Once asked for his opinion on FW, Faker responded, "Flash Wolves are definitely something else. When playing against them, I felt as if I was facing another Korean team." Faker rated FW to be an LCK caliber team as their performance onstage was nothing to be scoffed at. To those that follow the League of Legends e-sports scene, the fact that SKT gives full respect to FW comes as no surprise, especially considering FW's past records against SKT.

Faker continued the interview by sharing the reason he picked Taliyah over Leblanc, his favored champion. "For our team composition, Taliyah was a much better choice." Then, Faker was asked how he felt when he almost died in midlane, barely making it out alive with less than a hundred health left. "I almost fell into Leblanc's(Maple) trickery. At least I still made it out alive."

As the interview was coming to an end, Faker was asked if he planned his goal to not drop a single game this tournament. "My goal isn't to necessarily win every single game, but to simply come out as the 1st place team."

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