M17 Dee: "Drinking latte increases the level of my performance"

Dee shares his secret on how he improves his performance level.

On the 6th of July(KST), taking place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the 'Red Rift' officially opened, hosting the best teams in Asia to go against one another. From the 12 teams that are attending the tournament, 'Machi 17' was considered the underdog. But despite the fan's expectations, M17 proved them wrong by taking down OMG, one of the strongest teams from China. As we stand awed at M17's performances, we got a chance to hear from the actual players and coach.

(To Apex) If your opposing midlaner('icon') took Corki before you could've, which champion would you have picked to counter him?

Playing Orianna or Zed, who are much more suitable for assassinating champions would've been the best. Because Corki has such a great kit, you need to play a champion that can blow him up at once.

The opposing team banned Cassiopeia. They are aware and respecting your strongest pick. What do you think of that?

Our team has had a bad record since the beginning of the Summer Split, so they probably just banned it by analyzing the 'Ban/Pick Phase', rather than actually respecting my skills on her.

(To Dee) What was it that you were drinking earlier?

It's Latte. Whenever I drink it before scrims, it makes me perform better.

(To Coach Sucan) You guys go against MVP tomorrow. What kind of preparations did you guys make?

We are going to do our best to shut down their midlaner by constantly ganking him.

Compared to the rivaled regions, LMS is rated the lowest for competitiveness out of the other regions. What do you think about this? 

It's true that LMS has the lowest level of play compared to them. That's why I constantly told my players to play stress-free and to not worry about the outcome of the game. 

(To All) Which team do you want to play against the most, and win? 

3z: I want to take a game off of SKT. It is mostly because they are the best team in the world. I would do anything to win against them.

Taizan: I really want to beat MVP. It's because we constantly helped each other out by playing scrims.

Apex: Mostly OMG. They have great stats in LPL, and I want to prove to the world that we are just as good as they are.

Dee: I just want to play a game against SKT, so we can see how big the difference is between us and the world's best team.

Dreamer: MVP. We played many scrim games together, but I want to take them down on top an actual stage.

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