Interview with Samsung Galaxy "I don't know much about Taiwan, but I want to try all the local food"


Samsung Galaxy shares their vacation plan after the Rift Rivals.

On July 6th (HKT), 2017 Rift Rivals Red have kicked off at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center in Taiwan. Samsung Galaxy was the first team to finish their group stage matches, and their were also the first team to score two wins for their region. All players from SSG have gathered for a press interview after their matches for their comments on the first day of Rift Rivals.

Congratulations on today's victory. How does it feel to end the day with two wins?

Ambition: I'm relieved now that we've finished our group stage matches. I'll enjoy watching other teams' matches and what they have prepared.

You've defeated both of your opponents through macro plays. Can you tell us your idea of why LCK teams are better at macro plays than other regions?

Ambition: We've played as a team for a long time, and our communication is top-notch, so we were able to win because all five of us were well-timed and well-coordinated. Also, I think Korean teams have better understanding of the game itself.

Can you name a player from your lane that you feel is the strongest in Asia?

CuVee: Wouldn't it be KT Rolster's Kyungho "Smeb" Song?

Ambition: Junglers tend to adjust to their team's color, but I want to face off against Team WE's Ren-jie "Condi" Xiang because I haven't had a chance to do so.

Crown: As everyone knows, I think SK Telecom T1's Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee is the strongest.

Ruler: From my experience, SKT Telecom T1's Junsik "Bang" Bae was the strongest.

CoreJJ: If I were to choose a foreign player, I'd say EDward Gaming's Ye "meiko" Tian is the best.

Crown, J Team's Chun-Lan "FoFo" Chu showed a solid performance against SSG. How do you feel about him as a player?

Crown: Even before the Rift Rivals, we all knew that FoFo was a strong midlaner, and he really was good when I've faced off against him. I was pretty terrible as well. (Laughs). I want to have a rematch next time.

CuVee, while Gnar has been buffed in 7.13, Rift Rivals Red is being played in 7.12. Why did you still choose to play with Gnar?

CuVee: Gnar's champion matchup is not really different [from before the buff]. It's still a good pick against melee champions.

Last question. What would you all like to do after the tournament is over?

CuVee: I don't know much about Taiwan, but I want to try all Taiwanese cuisines. 

Ambition: I don't like to walk around that much, so nowhere in particular.

Crown: I want to walk over to a place with a good view where I can sit down and chill.

Ruler: I want to visit the night market and eat something nice.

CoreJJ: I don't know much about [Taiwan], so I think I'll follow other people around.

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