SSG Crown: "I always try to be confident. I think I've played with confidence in the last match."


SSG Crown always tries to be confident when playing.

On July 6th (HKT), LCK's Samsung Galaxy scored their second win in the group stage against EDward Gaming in the third match of the first day in the Rift Rivals Red Rift. Minho "Crown" Lee was interviewed on air by Garena after the match.

Crown started the interview by expressing strong confidence when he talked about preparing against J Team and EDG. "I won't say that I've 'studied' them, but I've watched their matches and highlights."

Even when EDG's ClearLove successfully ganked the bot lane, it wasn't enough for SSG to feel threatened. "Evelyn's bot lane gank was a blow to our botlane duo, but it wasn't a big enough damage on our team as a whole so we just shrugged it off."

When asked about his Syndra pick, Crown again expressed strong confidence. "I always try to be confident [when I play]. I think I've played with confidence in the last match."

Crown wrapped up the interview with how he felt the moment when he escaped a 3-man gank from EDG's support, jungler and mid was the most important in the match.

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