BDO KR Update: Building Peridot Path Wagon, Kamasylvia Part 2 Wagon with infinite durability


A new Wagon has been added to Black Desert Online KR along with the Kamasylvia Part 2 update. The new Wagon, the Peridot Path Wagon, requires tons of materials to build, but will come with big advantages such as infinite durability and 22 inventory slots.

Collecting the materials will definitely be difficult and will take quite a bit of time and effort. The materials include Grade 1 Wagon horses, and Indigo Lapis Lazuli, a material you can acquire by processing Lapiz Lazuli in multiple steps. Lapiz Lazuli can be obtained by chance when mining Green Ores in Kamasylvia. Also, you will need 4,000 Shape Fragments, which can be made by synthesizing Trace of Frest, Trace of Memory, Trace of Death, an item you can get by completing a daily quest in Kamasylvia, and Weeds together through Simple Alchemy.

The Wagon also requires a large amount of workload. The Peridot Path Wagon needs a workload of 1350, which is the same workload amount as the Epheria Sailboat and Epheria Convoy. In addition to that, the Peridot wagon can only be built in Grana No. 4, which requires 15 Contribution Points to buy.


▲ Materials and life skills required for the Peridot Path Wagon at a glance


◆ Gathering the Materials - Mining, Lumbering, Grinding, and Node Production

First, you need to gather all the materials. You will need four Grade 1 Wagon Horses, 15 Sturdy Ring Tree Plywood, 15 Green Ingots, 15 Soft Hides, 4 Indigo Lapis Lazuli, and 4000 Shape Fragments.

Grade 1 Wagon Horses are easy to get if you have the money. Grade 1 Wagon Horses can be purchased from Gula at Stonetail Horse Ranch, and cost 15,000,000 silver each. You will need 60,000,000 silver in total. You do not have to build Amity to purchase them.

Sturdy Ring Tree Plywood can be made by processing Ring Tree Timber. You can gather Ring Tree Timber manually from Ring Trees, which are easily found in the Ring Tree Forest, or you can collect them from a Lumbering Node in the Ring Tree Forest. You can make Ring Tree Planks and Plywood via Chopping, and then finally produce Sturdy Ring Tree Plywood by Heating Ring Tree Plywood and Plywood Hardener together.

You need to have Skilled - Heating Knowledge in order to make Sturdy Plywood. Plywood Hardener can be synthesized through Alchemy when your Alchemy level is over Apprentice Lv1. The materials for Plywood Hardener are 1 Pure Powder Reagent, 3 Bloody Tree Knots, 4 Fir Sap, and 3 Trace of the Earth.

Soft Hide can be made by Drying certain types of Hide. Different Hides will give you different results, and the types of hide that will give you Soft Hide are Fox, Deer, Gazelle, Sheep, and Black Leopard Hides. Tanning the Sheep around some Farms in Serendia will be the fastest way to gather Soft Hide.


▲ Wagon Registration: Peridot Path Wagon
▲ Grade 1 Wagon Horses can be purchased from Gula at Stonetail Horse Rance
▲ Ring Trees are easily found in Ring Tree Forest, Kamasylvia
▲ Tan the sheep near Lynch Farm to gather Sheep Hides and make Soft hides with them

You will need Green Ore to make Green Ingots. Green Ore can be manually gathered from Green Sandstones, or can be produced from Mining Nodes in Holo Forest, Flondor Lake, or Southern Kamasylvia. Heat Green Ore and Melted Green Shards to make Green Ingots. You need to have Heating - Skilled Knowledge to be able to make Green Ingots.

To make Indigo Lapis Lazuli, you need to gather 5 Rough Lapis Lazuli and Grind them to make one Lapis Lazuli stone. Then you need to Grind 5 Lapis Lazuli stones to make one Resplendent Lapis Lazuli, and process 7 Resplendent Lapis Lazuli and Gem Polisher together by Shaking to finally make one Indigo Lapis Lazuli. Gem Polisher requires Apprentice Lv1 in Alchemy and 1 Pure Powder Reagent, 6 Processed Coals, 2 Trace of Origin, and 6 Purified Water.

Rough Lapis Lazuli cannot be produced from Nodes. They can only be obtained by chance when mining Green Sandstone, but the chance of looting them is relatively low. With Luck Level 5 and a hedgehog pet, you can gather about 10 Rough Lapis Lazuli with Magic Pickaxe before using up all its durability. Fortunately, there is a chance of getting Resplendent Lapis Lazuli when Grinding Rough Lapis Lazuli, and you need only 4 indigo Lapis Lazuli to build the Wagon.


▲ Green Ore can be gathered from Green Sandstones or produced from Nodes.
▲ Rough Lapis Lazuli is obtained by chance when mining Green Ore
▲ Shake 7 Resplendent Lapis Lazuli and 3 Gem Polisher to make one Indigo Lapis Lazuli


The last and the most important material for the Peridot Wagon is the Shape Fragment. Shape Fragments can be synthesized by Simple Alchemy, and require 1 Meryndola’s Element, an item you can gain by completing a daily quest, 100 Weeds, 100 Trace of Frest, 100 Trace of Memory, and 100 Trace of Death.

To get Meryndola’s Element, you need to complete a daily quest called “Meryndola is a moody person”. The quest is simple. Meryndola will ask you to bring her a meal, and you will have to bring her one of the following meals: Balenos Meal, Serendia Meal, Calpheon Meal, Mediah Meal, or Valencian Meal. She will not ask for a Kamasylvia Meal, Knight Combat Rations, Arehaza Special, or Margoria Seafood Meal.

You do not know which Meal she will ask for until you receive the quest, but she will ask for the same one even after you cancel and re-receive the quest. However, some players say that if they receive a quest in the morning, cancel, and re-receive the quest in the afternoon, Meryndola will ask for a different Meal. The Meals are easily found in the Marketplace.

Weeds can be gathered from almost anywhere. You can gather Trace of Forest from the Excavation Nodes in the Tooth Fariy’s Forest, Bernianto Farm, or Rhua Tree Stub. Trace of Memory can be gathered from the Excavation Node in Pilgrim’s Sanctum - Humility or can be obtained by Heating Rosar mainhand weapons. Lastly, Trace of Death cannot be gathered from Excavation Nodes. You can obtain Trace of Death from Seleth mainhand weapons or loot them from the skeleton mobs at Hexe Sanctuary or Soldier’s Grave.

Synthesize Meryndola’s Element, 100 Weeds, and 100 Trace of Forest/Memory/Death together through Simple Alchemy to get Shape Fragments. The amount of Shape Fragments you get per synthesis depends on your Processing level. The players have confirmed that they got 54 Fragments at Artisan level 1, 88 Fragments at Master level 12, 98 Fragments at Master level 18, and 120 to 130 Fragments at Guru level 7.


▲ Meryndola is at the Northwest side of Grana. Complete her quest to start making Shape Fragments
▲ The daily quest is very simple.
▲ Synthesize Meryndola’s Element, 100 Weeds, and 100 Trace of Forest/Memory/Death together through Simple Alchemy


◆ Building the Wagon - Start building the Wagon once you have the materials.

Start building the Wagon once you have obtained some materials.The Peridot Wagon requires the same amount of workload as the Epheria Sailboat and Epheria Convoy. You will need 1350 workload to build the Wagon, so you will have to send Workers to the Workshop many times. You should start building up workload as soon as you start gathering the materials if you want to get the Wagon as quickly as possible.

The Peridot Path Wagon can be built in the T4 Wagon Workshop, which is located in Grana No.4. Grana No.4 is a mansion located in the southeast of Grana, and will take 15 Contribution Points to buy.

It is not efficient to send Calpheon or Epheria Workers to Grana because the distance between the two cities is too far. You should hire Workers in Grana. The lodgings for the Workers are available in Grana No.7 and No.16, which will require 5 Contribution Points each and can be upgraded up to Tier 2. Grana No. 10 requires 8 Contribution Points and can be upgraded up to Tier 3 Lodging. It will take a lot of Contribution Points when you buy all the Lodgings and a Wagon Workshop, so you must decide on how many Workers you are going to hire and spend your Points wisely.


▲ Grana No.4 house has a Wagon Workshop. Grana No 7, 10, and 16 has Lodgings.


* Please note that the terms/names used in this article are not official and are subject to change when the associated update is released on the NA/EU server.  

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