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JAG UmTi: "I always wanted to bring down Samsung, the no.1 team of LCK."



'Jin Air Green Wings' completely surprised the fans when they beat the number 1 team of LCK, 'Samsung Galaxy', with a score of 2:0.

On July 1st(KST) Jin Air took down the current best team in LCK. As UmTi and Kuzan were titled MVP of the two games they won, they were brought up for an interview.

The two proud MVPs were asked on how they feel about taking down such a powerful team. UmTi responded with, "I was jealous of Samsung for running as the number 1 team. I always wanted to bring them down, so I came prepared for this series." Then, Kuzan followed up with, "I don't even know what to say... I feel nervous yet happy that I was granted an opportunity for an MVP interview." 

When UmTi was asked about his reason for picking Rek'sai, he responded with, "I honestly believe Rek'sai is nothing less than overpowered. Her kit allows her to CC, deal damage, and tank at the same time. She is good in teamfights and scales decently into the late-game." Then, the casters further asked him if Rek'sai is better than the currently popular jungle champion, Elise. "I honestly believe picking Elise is a gamble. She is very strong at level 3 and 4. But if you don't take advantage of that fact early on, you risk losing the game. The same thing applies for Leesin at level 6. Rek'sai, however, does not carry those risks." Kuzan then commented, "UmTi is very calculative and smart. He is like a computer."

The casters took note on Jin Air's aggressive playstyle during the series as the team showed a completely different form. The two MVPs were asked if they prepared beforehand to play in such a way. "Well, today, our team communication was a lot smoother as we focused on practicing team cohesion. It definitely showed in our performance today." "We also respected Samsung by banning out their signature champions. Our coach told us that we needed to ban Varus as Ruler is exceptionally good with him. And so, we did."

Kuzan is also known to play Leblanc in a different manner compared to other LCK players. "Leblanc is my most confident champion. Whenever I play her, I feel comfortable on every aspect; Moving, attacking, and just about everything else." Kuzan was then asked for his opinion on Corki, one of his favored picks. "Corki is a lot like Karma. He is a safe pick. However, he is weak in the early and mid-game."

As the interview was coming to an end, Kuzan was granted an opportunity to speak to the fans. "We beat our first series of the 2nd round. I will do my best to move forward with a positive score. Thank you for always cheering for us."   



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