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From Level 55 to 60, New Grind Spots in Kamasylvia Part 2 revealed in BDO KR



Kamasylvia Part 2 and Grana, the capital city of Kamasylvia, were finally released on Black Desert Online KR on June 29th. Along with the new city, four new grind spots in Kamasylvia are now open to the players. The spots are the Polly Forest, Ring Tree Forest - Fadus Garrison, Tooth Fairy’s Forest, and Gaifinrasia Shrine.

Each grind area has different recommended levels. The recommended level for Polly Forest, the easiest among the four spots, is 53 to 55, while for Gaifinrasia Shrine it is above 60. All spots are big and have large monster populations.


▲ New grind spots in Kamasylvia Part 2.


◆ Polly Forest (Level 53 to 55): watch out for poison damage

The Polly Forest is a forest where colorful mushrooms and Imp Thieves live. It is located at the west of Grana, close to the city, making it convenient to organize your inventory and buy potions.

Although the population is pretty high, the monsters do not do much damage. A level 57 and 239 DP character will take very litle damage from the monsters. Compared to Sausan or other popular spots, Polly Forest is an easy grind area.

However, the mushrooms at Polly Forest will continuously deal poison damage. You will be consuming a lot of potions unless you have heal skills. You will start taking poison damage when you get hit by a mushroom, and almost all mushrooms in the forest use poison, making the duration of the poison damage almost endless.

Also, it is not safe to park your horse near the Node Managers. The monsters at Polly Forest have wide fields of view, so they will attack your horse when your horse is around the Node Manager. You should park your horse at the entrance of the forest, near Weenie’s Cabin the north, or Looney’s Cabin in the south and then walk a little bit to the forest.


▲ Polly Forest is close to Grana.
▲ Colorful mushrooms and imps live in the forest.
▲ Poison damage: HP -10 per 3 seconds
▲ Park your hourse at Weenie's Cabin or at Looney's Cabin.

◆ Ring Tree Forest - Fadus Garrison (Level 55 to 57): enjoy the fastest grinding speed

Ring Tree Forest - Fadus Garrison is located in the northwest of Kamasylvia. Blue panthers that walk with two legs dwell in this area. The difficulty is similar to Sausan.

The monsters at the Ring Tree Forest have low HP and are mostly grouped together, which allows for a faster grinding speed. If your AP is above 180, you will be able to kill the monsters with two skills.

The area has a lot of barricades, so it is better to grind at a particular spot rather than run around the whole area. The monster respawn rate is very high, so you will not have to move to a different spot every time to kill more monsters.

It is not efficient to grind in the Ring Tree Forest when there are too many people and you cannot stay on one point. The monsters are grouped together, and there is a lot of space between each group of monsters.

Acher Guards Post is the closest village, but is actually further than it seems since you have to go around a hill. You can sell your items and buy potions at the Post, but there are no storages or houses.


▲ Ring Tree Forest - Fadus Garrison is located in the northwest of Kamasylvia.
▲ The Fadus are grouped together but have low HP.
▲ The area has a lot of barricades separating one spot from another one.
▲ Visit Acher Guards Post to organize your inventory.

◆ Tooth Fairy’s Forest (Level 59 or above): home of the powerful Forest Ronaros

The Tooth Fairy’s Forest is located to the north of the Polly Forest and south of the Ring Tree Forest. Compared to the 2 areas already discussed, the Tooth Fairy’s Forest is much tougher to grind. The monsters at Tooth Fairy’s Forest, called the Forest Ronaros, are very powerful and also stay in groups.

You will see your HP going down rapidly if you attack them without any defensive movement. You will have to fight against multiple Forest Ronaros at once since they are always grouped together. The space between each group of monsters is big, so you won’t have to deal with more than one group at a time.

It was impossible to grind with a level 57 200AP/240DP character. Party grinding is strongly recommended in this area. The difficulty is easier than the Mirumok Post, but you will have to move between the forest and a village often to keep up your stock of potions.

You can visit Tooth Fairy’s Attic located in the east of the forest to buy potions and sell monster loot. Like the Acher Guards Post, there is no storage or house to keep your silver, so eventually you will have to go back to Grana to empty your inventory.


▲ The Tooth Fairy’s Forest is located to the north of the Polly Forest and south of the Ring Tree Forest.
▲  The Forest Ronaros are very powerful and also stay in groups.
▲ Go to Tooth Fairy's Attic to organize your inventory.

◆ Gaifinrasia Shrine (Level 60 or above): the toughest grind spot for the strongest players

Gaifinrasia Shrine is designed for the players who are above level 60 and are fully equipped with end game gears. The difficulty is similar to Hystria Ruins.

The Gaifinrasia Executioner and Gaifinrasia Watcher will welcome you as you enter the shrine. All monsters at the shrine have high DP and HP. A level 57 200 AP/240 DP character will have to attack one monster for 4 to 5 minutes to kill it. If two or more monsters are attacking you, your guard can only hold for 1 second.

Although they have high AP and HP, the monsters have slow attack speed. So if you are in a 1vs1 situation, you can easily dodge the monster’s attacks.

The newly added Lemoria Armor Set can be looted in Gaifinrasia Shrine. However, grinding for money or items in the area is not recommended since it is too hard to grind fast in Gairinfasia shrine.


▲ Gaifinrasia Shrine is located at the south of Grana.
▲ The stone statues will wake up and attack you when you get close to them.
▲ It will take 4 to 5 minutes to kill the Gaifinrasia Executioner.
▲ Lemoria Gloves 

* Please note that the terms/names used in this article are not official and are subject to change when the associated update is released on the NA/EU server. 



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