ROX Key on Kalista-Rakan: "Kalista's ultimate followed by Rakan's airborne means to flash or die"

Key and Sangyoon share their feelings on their win against KT and their reasons for picking Kalista and Rakan.

On June 29(KST), the booth of Rox Tigers was overfilling with energy. On the series between Rox Tigers and KT, most if not all expected a 2-0 in favor of KT, especially since they took the first set. However, despite the positions of both teams in the LCK leaderboards, the Tigers completely astonish KT and the fans with a reverse sweep.

It is also worth mentioning that the Tigers had a recent roster change; having Mickey removed from the roster for 2 amateur players. Despite all these factors fighting against them, they pulled through, showing much-improved teamwork throughout the series. On both games won by the Tigers, Key was titled MVP for his amazing plays on Braum and Rakan. 

As soon as Key walked up into the interview stage, he seemed extremely happy and jittery; the same reaction that the fans saw in the booths after the Tiger's initial victory. "I can't believe that we won. It feels like there is electricity running through my body! Everyone else in the team was just as happy as I was because KT is a top team, and we took them down." Key further commented, "Although we lost the first set, I felt really good as I was landing lots of hooks on Blitzcrank." Key felt very comfortable and confident with his mechanical skills despite losing game 1 and told the casters that he knew he would perform well for the rest of the series. 

Key: "I knew we would've won just from the 'Ban/Pick phase' in game 2 and 3." 

On a question asked about Lava, their new midlaner, Key stated, "Because he was an amateur, we knew KT was going to exploit it and gank Lava frequently."  He also explained that although they expected that kind of play to happen, they didn't optimally prepare for it. But he further mentioned that Lava did well as he held up all the way into the late game despite dying to multiple ganks. On a separate interview with Sangyoon, he was rather sad that Mickey departed from the team, as they spent 3 years together. 

During the series, the Tiger's botlane made superb plays, as if they were completely new players. Their impact on the series was clearly more than enough as evidenced by the 3rd set. "When we lost the first game, Sangyoon told the team that if we can get Kalista, we would win." Sangyoon is regarded as the "Father" of Kalista in the team as he was exceptionally good with him. But now, the fans know that as well.

They utilized the Kalista-Rakan combo to its maximum potential. Meanwhile, on the separate interview done today, Sangyoon revealed, "When our team was observing and analyzing games from EU, the duo seemed very strong, and so we utilized it." Key also mentioned that Kalista's ultimate followed by Rakan's airborne means guaranteed death or flash.

Sangyoon: "We were following a huge losing streak, but not anymore." 

When asked about the reasoning behind swapping out Lindarang for Shy and Mightybear for Seonghwan, Key admitted that he doesn't know the exact reason. He simply said, "We fully trust our coaching staff. We never doubt their decisions in any given situation." The casters then grew curious in how different Shy is to Lindarang. "Shy acts like a brake for us. He stops us from making big mistakes that could cost us the game. Both players have their strengths and weaknesses, but we leave all the decisions to our coach."

As the interview was coming to an end, Key was asked if he would personally give MVP to another player in the team, and if so, to who. "I want to give it to my other half, my partner, Sangyoon." It was as if the synergy between the two botlaners go beyond the rift.

On the other hand, Sangyoon was asked if he is confident in playing in the next coming games. "Ever since I was in Afreeca, I had a slow start. However, despite my struggles, we always managed to take down top teams. After today's series, I think I can play much more confidently." Afterward, Key thanked the fans for always cheering for him and his team. "We will constantly refine our plays and decision-making skills. Please watch our games and always cheer for us. Thank you." 

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