Samsung Cuvee on Bruiser's fight in Top Lane "It is Jungler's fault."

My death is not my fault. it belongs to Jungler. Cuvee guaranteed. 

On June 27th, Samsung Galuxy defeated Longzhu Gaming 2-1 in first match of 2017 LCK Summer Split Day 22 for their 9th win of the season. ‎Sungjin "Cuvee" Lee had a featured interview on air by OGN as the MVP of Game after the match.

Cuvee said a few words on the match against Longzhu Gaming. "It was really tough game for me. I hope that we could win remaining games easier. Also I am so haapy because my team Samsung is ranked No.1 in first round of LCK."

He mentioned about Gnar and Camille's tier in present. "Gnar is good pick when the opponent picked melee champion. we picked Gnar on second match after Longzhu picked Renekton. Camille is also good to pick after checking the opponent's champion. But in third match, I picked Camille regardless of Longzhu's pick. Because I thought that my team's composition was enough to win. "

Cuvee also mentioned that Jungler is the key on the fight between bruiser to bruiser. "Bruiser's fight is atcually Jungler's fight. The gap comes from Jungler. Even this game I could control the line becuase our jungler ganked top lane first."

Finally, Cuvee said thanks to his fan and promised that his team Samsung will win the fore matches easier than now.

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