An in-depth guide to Poharan, the Master with the best auto attack

Poharan is an Ardent Marksman that uses a Long-ranged weapon in MXM. She has an excellent auto attack ability which makes her a powerful DPS even when she’s not using any skills.

However, the speed of the projectile is relatively slow, so it is easy for enemies to dodge her auto attacks. When she is too far away from her targets, she won’t be able to hit all the targets. In addition to that, Poharan deals 30% less damage to the enemies who are less than 5m away from her. It is important to keep the right distance from the enemies.

Although Poharan is a Long-ranged Master, she is not bad in melee combat. She has Skills that allow her to deal with the enemies close to her. There’s one Skill that Slows the enemies within an area of effect, a Skill where Poharan dashes towards the enemies, and a Skill that will make the enemies Airborne.


▲ Poharan is a Long-rangged Marksman with high DPM.


▣ Recommended Master Setting

◆ Weapon

Poharan mostly uses auto attacks for damage dealing. Upgrade Weapon Damage to increase her auto attack damage.

◆ Skills

This is Poharan’s most commonly used Skill combination. Use Blitz Grenade to deal massive damage and then Shoot Em Up to deal with the enemies that are near you.

This combination focuses on survivability rather than damage dealing. Use Gatling Jump to quickly run away from the enemies and save yourself.

◆ Nodes

3 Offense Nodes, 1 Defense Node, and 2 Auxiliary Nodes will be the optimal composition. Weapon Damage, Critical Hit Chance, and Defense Penetration Nodes are all good choices.

◆ Spell

You need to be faster than your enemies to hit them with your auto attacks. Use Sprint to chase and take down the enemies who are running away from you.

◆ Traits

Offensive Traits are more important than Defensive Traits for Poharan. Choose Weapon Damage and Penetration to increase her DPS.


▣ Poharan’s Skills

Blitz Grenade is a Skill where Poharan throws a grenade. The grenade will explode right after and will damage the enemies nearby. Also, the explosion will create a burning area which deals damage over time. The Skill is very powerful, but will require practice to use effectively since the area of effect is small.

Poharan will jump forward as she uses Gatling Jump, dealing slight damage the enemies who are in her jump path. The damage is not high and the area of effect is not wide either. The Skill is used to retreat from team fights rather than to attack.

Suppressing Fire has a wide fan-shaped AoE as well as Slow effect. The enemies who are hit by the Skill will have their movement speed decreased by 60% for 1.5 seconds. The Skill is especially effective in big team fights where you can hit multiple targets with one shot.

Shoot Em Up is a Skill where Poharan dashes forward, make the enemy Airborne, and fires a machine gun at the target. She is unable to move while firing and is therefore vulnerable to enemy attacks, but will be able to hold the target for a long period of time. Use Blitz Grenade or her ultimate as a combo, or fall back if your team is losing the team fight.


▲ Suppressing Fire has a wide area of effect.


Poharan’s ultimate skill BRATATATATAT will increase her auto attack damage for 5 seconds. Shooting speed and range will also increase, and the bullets will penetrate enemies as well. However, enemy crowd control skills can cancel the ult.

Poharan’s ultimate will give an instant DPS boost to sweep the enemies. Use after a friendly crowd control skill or after using Shoot Em Up to maximize efficiency.

Ammo Pack is Poharan’s passive skill, which strengthens her auto attack. Every 10th auto attack will deal more damage, so shooting in the air 9 times before engaging in fights might help you instantly deal immense damage. Bunny Hop is a survivability skill where Poharan rapidly dashes 5m. The skill is not used much since the distance is very short.


▲ Use her ultimate skill to make your auto attacks more powerful.


▣ Keeping the right distance from the enemies is the core strategy for Poharan.

With a long shooting range and high DPS, Poharan will stop the enemies from marching towards friendly Towers and keep the lanes clear. You should always attack the enemies with auto attacks and use Blitz Grenade or Suppressing Fire as soon as the cooldown ends. Keep them away from friendly Towers and away from your Base by constantly poking them.

Keeping the right distance from the enemies is the core strategy. If Poharan is too far away from them, her attacks won’t reach or it becomes too easy for them to dodge her attacks. If she is too close to them, her damage will decrease and she might get killed since her defense is low. Always keep in mind that you have to fall back immediately after dashing towards the enemies.

Shoot Em Up is a powerful skill, but has short range. Since Poharan’s defense is low, it is not safe to use the skill to dash and attack. You should use the skill to push back the enemy near you. Use your ultimate or Blitz Grenade after as a combo.

Poharan’s ultimate is very powerful, but can be easily interrupted by enemy crowd control skills. Check if the enemies have already used their crowd control skills and be sure to use your ultimate only when their crowd control skills are on cooldown.


▲ Not too far, not too close.

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