Dreamfuel Announces Partnership and Scholarship Fund with The National High School Esports League

This is the full text of Dreamfuel PR's 06/27/2017 press release.


Dreamfuel, the premiere funding platform for athletes and teams, is proud to announce a new partnership with The National High School Esports’ League.

Says High School Esports’ League CEO Mason Mullenioux, “With the explosive growth of eSports in the college and high school space, access to funding that doesn’t hinder eSports athletes is becoming increasingly important.”

In partnerships, Dreamfuel generally shares revenue with the partner organization. In this instance, High School Esports League will be donating all proceeds to a brand new scholarship fund. Says Mullenioux, “We believe these students should have the same opportunities as traditional sports and this is why we want to create and launch a scholarship fund. We never want to see an athlete held back from competing due to financial means.”


Dreamfuel CEO Emily White is equally thrilled to be supporting The High School Esports’ League and athletes through this groundbreaking partnership. Says White, “Not only will our team empower athletes as well as The High School Esports’ league with modern and sustainable fundraising, but the league creating a scholarship program with their funds is beyond inspiring to us. Additionally, as always, by working with Dreamfuel we ensure that all athletes are within both NCAA and USOC compliance. As eSports are burgeoning in the NCAA, NAIA, and NACE, it’s important that our athletes are protected and supported while simultaneously raising the funds they need to compete. Not to mention collecting data along the way to know who their donors are for future use.”

Launched based on the inspiration of Olympic gold medalist Anthony Ervin, Dreamfuel has served athletes on 6 continents in over 30 sports. They are the only platform with a feature that gives athletes the option to raise funds with a percentage goal or raising a monetary goal to respect athletes’ privacy. Last year, Dreamfuel supported U.S. track and swimming families to get to Rio to watch their loved ones compete on the world stage in person via the first ever #DreamfuelFamily initiative. Founded by Division I scholarship athlete and daughter and grandaughter of deeply respected coaches Emily White, Dreamfuel looks forward to serving even more athletes and teams with sustainable fundraising as well as building additional tools to solve all problems for athletes that their coaches do not handle. Stay tuned.

More information on this is available at http://www.highschoolesportsleague.com/



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