Pancuga, with fast attack speed and combos - fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Pancuga of MXM is an Ardent-type Skirmisher. He uses various boxing techniques such as uppercut or body blow within melee range.

He possesses a number of strong skills with fast attack speed, making him a strong in-fighter. However, because it is quite difficult to approach targets without the use of his ultimate skill, players usually tag Masters such as Sizuka or Jinsoyun with him in order to approach enemies and finish them off by switching to Pancuga.

All his skills activate a unique combo attack when casted consecutively. Combo attacks are stronger than the initial attack and have special abilities. In addition to that, regular attack damage increases right after the use of skills, and an attack made after evading an enemy attack stuns the target.

▲ Pancuga suppresses the enemy with the fast attack speed and powerful weapon attacks


Recommended master options

Recommended Augments

Pancuga is a Master who eliminates at the close target with fast attack speed. Weapon Damage increases the capability of close combat even more.

Recommended skill combinations

This is a combination of strong close combat. Use Southpaw Special to stun the target and deal high damage with Punch Out.

This is for reducing the gap between the target and the Master from a distance. Light Stepper allows you avoid the enemy attack and then following up with Work the Body allows you to attack while moving forwards.


The sockets are three attack, two defense, and one support. Life Steal would be a good choice to maintain HP to some extent as he is a melee type. Moreover, defense nodes like Stamina Per Second works well with his survival skill.

Recommended Auxiliary skill

Pancuga can show his full potential when he stays near a target, but his mobility is somewhat poor. Sprint would be able to supplement this problem.

Trait priority

Equip Skill Power in order to enhance close combat, and Mobility would supplement his lack of mobility and increase stamina recovery.

Summary of Pancuga’s skills

Punch Out unleashes a swift set of punches in front of Pancuga. The skill fires out a twin punch combo when casting further, and a triple punch combo when casted for the last time. Even though the range is quite short, it deals a large amount of damage within a short amount of time.

Southpaw Special does a heavy-hitting hook combo to enemies in front of Pancuga. When cast further, the Master throws an uppercut, stunning and damaging struck enemies for 0.5 seconds. The damage on a single target is quite high, but the combo ends after two hits and the range is also quite short. The skill stuns the target, making itself valuable as part of a combo with other skills.

Work the Body lets the Master dash forward and throw a series of punches. It can be used two times in a quick succession just like other skills, and the second use deals knockback as well. The attack area is relatively wide and the attack speed is quicker than other skills as well, making this a useful attack skill under any circumstances.

Light Stepper makes the Master dash backward a short distance to evade incoming damage and reposition over 0.7 seconds. When you use the skill once again in quick succession, Pancuga dashes forward, evading incoming attacks. Upon successfully dodging the attack, Pancuga’s passive skill causes his next attack within 3 seconds to stun for 0.5 seconds. Light Stepper can, therefore, be used to stun a target quite easily. Moreover, you can use this skill while intentionally looking backward for approaching the enemy Master.

▲ Successive uses of Southpaw Special gives the stun effect


When you cast Rocket Punch, Pancuga’s ultimate skill, the Master throws a punch in a line, launching all enemies you collide with into the air. Pancuga charges up his Synd arm for up to 3 seconds before the launch, and the distance increases up to 18 meters and damage increases up to 1.5 times the base damage. You can also change the direction while charging up. This is the compulsory skill for Pancuga because of the lack of movement skills, and the skill is used as a means of initiating fights.

The Ol’ One-Two, his passive skill, has two effects; each time you hit an enemy within 1.5 seconds after the use of a skill, the weapon attack is increased by 20%. This is the reason why Pancuga uses weapon attacks between skills on a regular basis.

The other one allows a retaliatory attack that stuns the enemy for 0.5 seconds upon successfully dodging an attack. It needs to be used within 3 seconds and is limited to one attack. The survival skill, Bob and Weave, allows Pancuga to dodge incoming attacks for 0.5 seconds and grants 15% movement speed for 2 seconds.

▲ The range of Rocket Punch is considerably long when fully charged


Using Pancuga - hunt neutral monsters and hit the enemy at the back

Pancuga is specialized in close combat and is therefore not suitable for laning. Thus, it is common for him to hunt neutral monsters and look for an opportunity to ambush enemies. The top priority that you need to look for is the one who stays alone or has charged into the ally team.

Without his ultimate skill, it is quite difficult for Pancuga to approach enemies. Therefore, you need to strike from the back and suppress them so that they cannot escape. If you have his ultimate skill ready, you can use it from a bush to kill enemies as quickly as possible. Whether you have the ultimate skill or not determines the effectiveness of an ambush, thus it is recommended to engage when you have the ultimate skill.

Each of Pancuga’s skills is powerful, but it is extremely difficult to land every shot on a target without any CC skills. In cases where it seems difficult to receive any help from the ally team members, you can use Bob and Weave or Light Stepper to dodge attacks and then use skills, which should stun enemies and give you a chance to attack effectively.

Light Stepper requires a bit of technique in order to properly stun the target. You dash backwards on the first use and forwards on the second, and it is important to familiarize yourself with it to reduce the gap between you and the enemy.

▲ It is crucial to dodge skills and attack in order to stun the enemy

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