BDO Striker Awakening Guide: PvE combo & hidden key commands

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[Level 58 Striker at Cox Pirate’s Lair]

Combo: Ferocious Assault - Crouching Wolf - Endless Fight - Skull Crusher or Infernal Destruction - Endless Explosion

(Key Commands: W+RMB - Spacebar - Hold Spacebar - Shift+F or F - Shift+RMB) 

AP/DP: 198/221

W+RMB and hold Spacebar to use Ferocious Assault to Endless Fight consecutively.

This combo is effective in many ways. You can get attack speed buffs, recover WP, and pull monsters towards you with fast movement. Skull Crusher and Infernal Destruction will knock down the enemies and allow you to deal more damage with Endless Explosion.

[Level 60 Striker at Pila Ku]

Combo: Crouching Wolf - Knee Hammer - Hidden Claws - Shift+C[Switch] - Skull Crusher - Flow: Skull Hammer - Infernal Destruction - Endless Explosion - Echo Spirit - Ultimate Crush - Rampaging Predator - Flow: Bite Off

(Key Commands: Spacebar while using another skill - Shift+LMB - LMB -  Shift+C - Shift+F - Hold F - F - Shift+RMB - Shift+Q - S+LMB - W+F - Hold F)     

AP/DP: 200/255

Accuracy setting:
Nouver / Accuracy Crystal *2 [mainhand] / WON Viper *2 / Bheg / Skill add-on[Knee Hammer]

The monsters at Pila Ku are hard to kill since they have high Evasion and Defense. You will need to use different debuffs to lower their Defense, and increase your damage with Back Attack and Down Attack to grind faster.

[Hidden key commands]

Ultimate Crush (S+LMB)

Use Ultimate Crush right after Left Basic Attack to cancel. The first hit will be canceled and the Striker will attack really fast only with the 2nd and the 3rd hit. No cooldown when the skill is canceled.

When you use Ultimate Crush right after Right Basic Attack, the Echo Spirit will only appear at the 2nd and 3rd hit. Also, there will be no cooldown.

Press F after Ultimate Crush to use Flow: Tornado Kick.

Spiral Cannon (Shift+LMB)

Right Click while using Spiral Cannon to use Ferocious Assault, and Right Click again after landing to use Endless Explosion.

Left Click while using Spiral Cannon to use Endless Fight. Right Click after the 2nd hit to use Endless Explosion.

Use Endless Fight when the monsters around you are knocked down, and use Ferocious Assault when they are not.

Endless Explosion (Shift+RMB)

Press F after Endless Explosion to use Flow: Tornado Kick.

Skull Crusher (Shift+F)

Press F after Skull Crusher to use Flow: Tornado Kick.

Other Awakening Skills

Press Q while using any Awakening Skills to use Twisted Collision.

Press F while using Left or Right Basic Attack in Awakening mode to use Flow: Tornado Kick.

Press F while using Silent Step to use Taebaek Kick.

Crouching Wolf (Spacebar while using another skill)

Press F after Crouching Wolf to use Infernal Destruction.

Knee Hammer (Shift+LMB)

Press Shift+RMB after Knee Hammer to use Spiral Cannon.

Somersault (S+Q)

Press F after Somersault to use Infernal Destruction.

Rising Blast Combo (Hold Q while using Somersault)

Press F after Rising Blast Combo to use Infernal Destruction.

Press RMB after Rising Blast Combo to use Spiral Cannon.

Twisted Collision (Q)

Hold F while landing in all skills under Twisted Collision to use Skull Crusher.


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    level 1 HardcoreYanna

    Striker is a male partner to Mystic. While Mystic is tied in with streaming easily like water with liquid and effortless development - Striker isn't of that sort. Striker is about that cumbersome, heartless and steady brutalism. When you play Striker you feel each strike, particularly after the Awakening. Your console will feel each strike also, regardless of whether you are afk.

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