Death Knight with two lives - A powerful Juggernaut

Death Knight of MXM is an Ardent-type Juggernaut specialized in close combat. He uses a weapon called Dragon Slayer.

As a Juggernaut, he possesses a somewhat aggressive playstyle. His skills are all attack-focused with two self-buffing skills including his ultimate, charge, and CC.

However, his skill set doesn’t provide him with any defensive advantage as a Juggernaut. This is supplemented by the passive skill of HP recovery and revival, and the survival skill that shrugs off all damage from enemy skills. He also doesn’t need any resource to use his skills, allowing for limitless combinations of skills, disregarding cooldowns of course.

▲ Death Knight is an aggressive type Juggernaut


Recommended Master options

Recommended Augments

Overheat allows for continuous battle and a constant passive skill effect.

Recommended skills combination

You can gain some advantages in battle by using Skull Crack on the enemy in the midst of the battle or when you try to either escape or chase. Quickening can be useful throughout the entire game in general.

This is the combination suited for initiating a fight. Use Skelecrash to quickly dash towards the enemy and stun by Skull Crack.


The node sockets are two attack, three defense, and one support. Maximum Overheat Limit or Life Steal in the attack nodes would be good choices for sustaining in fights, and Health or Defense for the defense nodes to increase the defense ability.

Recommended Auxiliary skill

The importance of weapon attack for Death Knight is very high due to his passive skill. Sprint has good synergy with his passive skill, can be used to hit land weapon attacks more often, and is useful for chasing down the enemy or initiating fights.

Traits priority

In order to increase survivability in teamfights, it is wise to have Skill Defense as priority. Health can also be chosen to increase the efficiency of his passive skill and survivability at the same time.

Summary of Death Knight’s skills

Skelecrash causes Death Knight to charge in a line, damaging enemies and unleashing a slash. However, enemies struck by the movement portion of the charge take only 50% of the damage. The skill is usually used for either chasing the enemy, quickly escaping from the area, or initiating a fight with Skull Crack.

Hellfire unleashes a cross-shaped burst of flames on the target area, dealing moderate damage. It inflicts additional burning damage on hit enemies for 2 seconds. Although the casting is relatively fast and the area is wide, the skill is a pure attacking skill and is therefore not effective with a Juggernaut like Death Knight.

Skull Crack is a CC skill that stuns nearby enemies for 1 second. The Master readies a debilitating strike for his next attack when casted for the first time and unleashes it when casted once again. Even though the skill is very effective when it lands, the casting time is quite long and the range is short, making it difficult to be used appropriately.

Quickening decreases heat buildup while increasing attack and movement speed for 8 seconds. The cooldown is relatively short and helps maximize the efficiency of Death Knight’s passive skill.

▲ Skelecrash allows Death Knight to quickly dash towards the enemy group


When Death Knight uses Unholy Fury, his ultimate skill, he emits a shockwave that stuns nearby enemies for 0.5 seconds, and reduces heat buildup and greatly increases attack speed, movement speed, defense, and HP Recovery for 6 seconds. You can use this skill to initiate a fight and then deal considerable damage during your 6 seconds of boosted power. This skill can be the key to winning teamfights if pulled off correctly.

Dark Pact, Death Knight’s passive skill, has two effects. One is called Syphoning Blade, which allows him to recover a small amount of HP on an attack every second. The other one is called Forever Damned. This revives the Master once when his HP reaches 0, respawning him with 30% total HP after 3 seconds. The Master cannot move or attack during the reviving process and the cooldown is 10 minutes.

Ignore Wounds is Death Knight’s survival skill, and this allows him to shrug off all damage from enemy skills for 2 seconds. After Ignore Wounds fades, Death Knight gains 15% movement speed. Although the skill cannot nullify weapon attacks and crowd control, it best serves its purpose during teamfights.

▲ Death Knight is resurrected automatically 3 seconds after his death


Using Death Knight - Juggernaut with formidable attacking skills

Death Knight is more an attack-focused Master compared to other Juggernauts in the game. Unlike other Juggernaut Masters who lack attack abilities and are commonly switched with other Masters during the fight, Death Knight can be used without this restriction.

Managing resources isn’t necessary during fights as his abilities cost nothing, but it is important to keep track of his weapon attack overheating. Since he has two skills that increase his attack speed, it’s easy for his weapon to overheat, so you need to be wary in order to deal maximum damage.

His role is to protect ally team members and sustain damage from enemy attacks during the fight. As he does not possess any skill that pulls aggro, appropriate movement and use of skills are critical. It is therefore effective to either use Skelecrash to dash forward or receive a movement speed buff from an ally Master.

On the other hand, this Master lacks evasion skills and thus needs to be careful under certain circumstances. The only skill that would save his life would be Skelecrash, which he can use to dash away or stun enemies. You need to be cautious when the Master’s HP drops below half. Even though he has his passive, Forever Damned, the cooldown is 10 minutes, so it would be ideal to avoid dying as much as possible, so that the passive is activated only in dire situations.

In the case of teamfights, his main role is to initiate the fight. You can easily start a fight by using Skelecrash to quickly dash towards enemies and stun them with Skull Crack. Skull Crack and Dark Knight’s ultimate skill both stun enemies, thus they work very well in coordination with ally Masters’ skills.

▲ Although Skull Crack is quite effective, the restriction is quite strict

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