CLG Darshan on Dardoch: "He worked a lot [on his past issues], and is improving every week."


CLG Darshan feels like Dardoch only has room to grow.

On June 24th, Counter Logic Gaing defeated Team EnVy 2-1 in the 4th week of 2017 NA LCS Summer Split and continued their winning streak. Darshan "Darshan" Upadhyaya served as the backbone of the team with Jarvan IV and Shen in the match.

During the interview on stage after the match, Darshan said that his previous match against Immortals had been the worst series so far in this split.

"We didn't play well as a team, and we didn't play around their timings. That was probably the worst that we've played by far, so we had a meeting after that series to see what we needed to work on, and although we still have some of those issues we really brought it back together this series.

The issues are something that we know how to fix, but I think it just comes down to us being more consistent, and that will be the biggest thing to work on towards the end of the split."

As for Dardoch, the team's new jungler, Darshan felt that he owes a lot to Dardoch for the team's recent success, and expect him to grow further.

"I owe a lot of my early game leads to Dardoch. He is good with jungle routing, so I don't have to worry about that as much. I'd say working with him did a lot of good things for the team. Although you've probably heard about how his previous issues with teammates, I think he worked a lot on that, and is improving a lot every week. I feel like he only has room to grow."

Finally, Darshan was confident that CLG will make it to the Worlds and hoping to do well this year.

"I think the Worlds is something that I expect with this team. I went there for the last two years and I don't expect this year to be different. What I really want to change this year is actually doing something good for NA [in the Worlds]."

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