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TSM Bjergsen: "We'll prove ourselves... by beating IMT and CLG."




TSM Bjergsen feels that the team is yet to prove themselves against other top NA teams.

On June 24th, Team SoloMid defeated FlyQuest 2-0 in the 4th week of 2017 NA LCS Summer Split and continued their winning streak. Soren "Bjergsen" Bjerg picked Syndra in Game 1 and showed respectable performance, but it was his Zilean in Game 2 that really proved his champion versatility and mastery with Zilean.

During the interview on stage after the match, Bjergsen said that he felt like the laning phase was less eventful than teamfights save Moon's early ganks.

"I felt like it was very jungle-influenced - In both games, I got ganked at level 2. It was very different from my usual games because of Moon's high risk jungle path, but I think Moon pulled it off really well, so I had to play both games from a little behind. Other than that, it was pretty boring lane matchup with just farming, so the game was mostly about teamfights and everything else other than laning."

As for rocky start during the start of the split, Bjergsen expected it to happen, and they'd like to beat the top teams to prove that they are back in shape.

"A lot of people expected us to drop off a bit after the MSI before we didn't have the same amount of practice going into this split compared to other teams.

But I think we are picking up pretty fast, though the last couple of opponents haven't been the top teams in NA, so we are yet to prove ourselves to Immortals or Counter Logic Gaming. We are looking forward to the Rift Rivals and beating the other best teams of NA."

Speaking of IMT, Bjergsen predicted that IMT will take the upcoming match between IMT and Dignitas.

"Both teams have their strengths, and DIG is actually good at Baron and taking objectives unlike the memes about them, but IMT is really clean. I'll say that IMT will take the match, but it should be a fun match up."

The interview wrapped up with another shout out at IMT, as Bjergsen was looking out for Immortals after their performance was greatly improved through Xmithie and the new coach, SSong.

"Immortals have improved themselves the most this split after Xmithie and the new coach. They really look like a top team. I think having solid infrastructure and coaching staff is going to make a team good in playoffs, and not just in regular seasons. So, I'm looking out for Immortals."


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